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The 17 best bread recipes from Directo al Paladar to celebrate World Bread Day

25 mayo, 2021

As you know, today the World Bread Day, a fundamental product for the entire planet’s diet and that is why we have prepared this compilation with the 17 best recipes for Panes de Directo al Paladar.

Sorted by the format and distinguishing the types of cereals used and the techniques for their preparation, you can find 17 types of bread that will come in handy if you want to become fond of an activity as entertaining and satisfying as making bread at home. And now – never better said – let’s get into flour.

Three easy and quick baked recipes, to eat well without messing up

Loaf-type breads

1. Loaf bread without kneading

No-Knead Homemade Bread Recipe 2

We start with this simple homemade bread, which can be done easily without the need to knead, which will facilitate the work of those who are new to home bakery tasks. A simple recipe to enjoy making bread for the family.

2. Small loaves of spelled bread

Spelled Day

Spelled is a somewhat more complicated type of cereal to handle that requires some patience in handling but the flavor of the breads made with this ingredient is so rich that is worth cheering up. To do this, you can try this recipe for small loaves, very easy to make.

3. Town bread

Town Bread

Something we love when we go to town to see family is enjoy that taste of traditional breads. Here you have a great recipe for village bread, to make at home and feel that flavor again.

4. Scottish oat bread

Oat Bread

Other spectacular ingredient for breads, and not widely used, is oats. With this Scottish oat bread recipe, you will discover an interesting and peculiar flavor, ideal to accompany many recipes and for unforgettable breakfasts.

Mold breads

5. Nigella Lawson’s Bum Bread

Lazy Nigella Bread

Its name already indicates it. This bread for lazy people is a simple bread that is available to anyone, even if they have no experience making homemade bread. Do you dare to prepare it and surprise your loved ones?

6. Whole wheat bread

Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

We love sliced ​​bread toasts, and having them for breakfast is not incompatible with good intentions. With this simple recipe for wholemeal sliced ​​bread, we can enjoy a healthy and also delicious bread.

7. Sliced ​​bread without kneading

No-Knead Mold

Just as we can make bread without kneading to make loaves, we can also make a sliced ​​bread without kneading with a great result. Here is the recipe. There is no excuse if you want to make your own homemade toast.

8. Homemade multigrain sliced ​​bread

Multigrain 1

Sometimes, we want breads with many flavors, which mix remains of different types of flour that we have at home to give them out. For that, multigrain breads are an excellent option. And if we want, we can add seeds, nuts and more.

Bar-type breads

9. Beer bread

Beer Bread

Using beer as an ingredient in bread and taking advantage of its yeasts, makes some interesting, tasty breads with bitter touches, very pleasant for toasts, appetizers and similar dishes. This simple recipe for sourdough beer bread can come in handy to test its preparation.

10. Rye bread

650 1000 Rye Bread2

The rye is widely used in other European countries to make darker and denser loaves. You will like this easy rye bread recipe because the result is a tasty bread but closer to our tastes and it can be a good way to try this kind of flour.

11. Soda bread made with the Thermomix

Dap Soda Bread 1

Soda bread is wonderful. Original and simple and on top made with the help of the kitchen robot, we obtain an excellent result that will also last a few days. A practical and very comfortable recipe to become fond of home baking.

12. Spelled and Raisin Twisted Bread

Spelled Seed Bread

Other bread made with spelled flour, to which we add seeds and raisins but in bar format. This twisted spelled bread is very simple and you see how good it looks.

Breads with more ingredients

13. Bacon-stuffed ears of bread

Dap Spikes

The Breads admit other ingredients in addition to water, flours and yeasts. Good proof of this are these beautiful bread spikes stuffed with bacon, ideal to surprise at aperitif time.

14. Cherry schiacciata

650 1000 Scchiacciata

An interesting bread in which we put cherries, obtaining a bakery recipe with a fruity flavor. The schiacciata is easier to make than to pronounce and the result is well worth it. Too bad cherry season is over but save it for next year.

15. Casatiello Napolitano

Dap Casatiello

An Italian recipe, similar to cocas and typical in Holy Week in Naples It is the Italian Casatiello. This recipe explains how to make it and surprise everyone with a little seen bread in our country.

16. Couque royale with candied fruits

Couque Royale Dap

Halfway between a bread and a plumcake, the Couque royale with candied fruits is a delight that we had to include in this compilation. Try to make it with this simple recipe and you will understand.

17. Fougasse of black olives, tomato and rosemary

Fougassee Dap

To finish our compilation with the best 17 bread recipes from Directo al Paladar for World Bread DayWe have chosen this so Mediterranean Fougasse, made with black olives, tomato and rosemary that you are going to love. We hope it leaves as good a taste in your mouth as it does us.

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