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The 15 best lentil recipes from Directo al Paladar

21 mayo, 2021

Among the varieties of legumes, lentils are perhaps my favorite. If a while ago I put my favorite recipes with beans, beans or beans, today I have made a compilation of the best recipes with lentils. If you want, you can eat them and if you don’t leave them, (although with these 15 lentil recipes it won’t be difficult for you to find more than one recipe to your liking).

Stewed, in salad, pardinas, Castilian or oranges, these little legumes They can be prepared in a thousand and one ways, each tastier. Surely with this compilation, you will love trying more than one recipe on these cold winter days.

Another myth that goes down: foods with more iron

Three delicious spoon dishes to beat the cold

Our best lentil recipes

Lentils with meat products

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Nothing more appetizing than lentils with chorizo, probably the recipe for lentils that we like the most in our country. A simple stir-fry and a few ingredients separate us from this magnificent spoon dish that young and old alike like.

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A great way to prepare lentils is with chunks of meat instead of chorizo. Nails on pork ribs you can prepare a lentil stew of the memorable, which everyone will be delighted to try. Here is the complete recipe for lentils with ribs.

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A very interesting variation due to its lower caloric intake is to use chicken as a meat element in lentils. In this recipe for lentils with pickled chicken breasts, you have a good example of a light spoon dish ideal for weight loss diets.

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Finally, within the recipes for lentils with meat, I have left these exquisite Puy lentils with stuffed prey made by Liliana, replacing the usual chorizo ​​sausage with this delicious Iberian pork product. Do not miss them. The full recipe is here.

Tribute to lentils: if you want, eat them and if you don't do a disservice to your health (and to the fields of Castilla)

Lentil recipes with seafood

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We don’t have to always use recipes with meat. If you fancy some lentils with a marine touch, these lentils with prawns and artichokes are a real delight. Also I know They go out of the ordinary and will be a great variation in your menus every day.

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We continue with lentil recipes with seafood. In this case, we are going to use the yellow lentils to make this lentil stew with cuttlefish and vegetables, a healthy and tasty recipe that will be very popular with those who try it.

Other recipes with lentils

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Y If you don’t want them with meat or fish or seafood, the best option is the traditional recipe for widowed lentils., or stewed lentils only with vegetables. Esther’s complete recipe will serve as a guide to make them delicious.

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Red or orange lentils are a very soft and light ingredient since they are peeled and are made in a very short time. With them he prepared Carmen a recipe of Hindu inspiration which I like a lot, a red lentil dhal with gratin sweet potato topping.

Lentil creams and purees

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Once the lentils are cooked, a good option to take them in another way is to turn them into a cream or a puree, crushing them with a little cream or milk. In this way we have prepared a few recipes in Directo al Paladar, among which I recommend Liliana’s, a red lentil cream that you will undoubtedly love.

Other lentil-based puree options that you may want to try, are the lentil puree with croutons and broken eggs, or the lentil puree with squid

Where do these lentils come from?

Cold lentil recipes

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We certainly love them hot but lentils also give a lot of play in cold dishes such as salads. In this recipe for lentil salad you have a good example of how you can take advantage of them.

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To prepare other salads, too we love other varieties of lentils such as the so-called beluga lentils, which Liliana used masterfully to make this lentil salad with tortilla chips

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We continue with a last salad with a lentil base, the one that María José prepared, dressing them with an original mustard vinaigrette. You only have to see the photo to corroborate how delicious this salad is.

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We finish this compilation of the 15 best recipes with lentils from Directo al Paladar with a surprising lentil hummus, which Carmen proposed to us as alternative to the traditional ones made with another legume, chickpeas. You will surely love to discover it.

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