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The 13 best breakfasts from other countries to inspire an original Sunday

23 mayo, 2021

We all love having a good breakfast, although each of us likes different things. In my house, for example, a good breakfast is some toast with scrubbed tomato, a croissant filled with butter and jam, orange juice and coffee with milk. It’s a great breakfast, but since every once in a while we all like to get out of the rut, I’ve been looking the 13 best breakfasts from other countries to inspire an original Sunday.

And if there is a day that lends itself to having a quiet breakfast, that is none other than Sunday, because we have already recovered from the fatigue of the week and we have time and desire to prepare more elaborate breakfasts. Let’s get started:

1. English breakfast

English breakfast

Full english breakfast It consists of fried egg, sausage, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns (potatoes cut into thin strips and fried), toast and grilled tomatoes. In short, a lot of energy for a special day and the breakfast that we all delight in when we go to a hotel with a buffet breakfast.

As a curiosity, each area of ​​the British Isles has its own breakfast with slight variations. Irish breakfast has bacon and pudding, but no mushrooms, while Scottish is a combination of English and Irish, with more meat if possible.

2. The American breakfast

American breakfast

Although North Americans have a wide variety of breakfasts, the most characteristic are the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, if possible stacked. If you want a sweet version, the pancakes with cream and blueberry jelly are also a great choice, with a little butter melting at the top of the pile.

3. The French breakfast

French breakfast

The French are somewhat minimalist at breakfast time, although they obtain excellence thanks to the quality of the ingredients: a coffee with milk and a good croissant are a good option to start the day. Toast with jam, with cooked ham, honey, butter or chocolate cream are also a classic.

4. The Mexican breakfast

Turkish breakfast

It is difficult to choose a single mexican breakfast, because there are many depending on the region. Perhaps the most striking are the Huevos Rancheros or Motuleños, which are fried eggs on an omelette with beans and tomato sauce, although the typical Machaca of Monterrey (eggs and chiles with flour tortillas) also seems to be a great breakfast.

5. The Turkish breakfast

Turkish breakfast

The Turks are probably the kind more hubbub around breakfast, filling the table with plates full of all kinds of food: feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, olives, toast, jams, raisins, pita bread, spaced sausages, tea … a real festival, although seeing the one that is mounted on the table, I don’t even want to think about picking up.

6. Italian breakfast

Italian breakfast

Italians don’t complicate their lives much when it comes to breakfast, although they do take their time to prepare a good cappuccino that accompany with a piece of pastries. It may not seem like a big deal, but knowing how Italians spend with coffee, I think it can be considered a complete breakfast, or at least intense.

7. The Swiss breakfast

Swiss breakfast

Although a Swiss breakfast can be an authentic delicacy that brings together the best of all neighboring countries (French pastries, French sausages, Italian coffee …) the reality is that one of the most typical breakfasts is the muesli accompanied by raisins, fruit and milk or yogurt. It is perhaps not what you most want on a Sunday, but if it is about purifying the body after a night of partying, I see it as a very good choice.

8. Japanese breakfast

Japanese breakfast

Japanese do take breakfast seriously, making it one of the largest meals of the day, almost like a lunch. There is no shortage of white rice and a miso soup, as well as some boiled vegetables and even grilled fish. I don’t know if I could have something like this in the morning, but if that makes you as productive as they are, it will be a question of thinking about it.

9. Singaporean breakfast

Singaporean breakfast

In Singapore, any breakfast worth its salt must have the presence of the kaya toast, which is nothing more than bread toasts with coconut jam, one of the delicacies of Singaporean cuisine due to its great sweetness and exquisite flavor.

10. The Australian breakfast

Australian breakfast

Australians are also people of little mix at breakfast, although it is true that their typical breakfast is quite peculiar. And it is that to accompany the milk tea, toasts with vegemite are served, a dark brown spread with a salty flavor made from brewer’s yeast extract, and which is a national culinary symbol in Australia and New Zealand. .

11. The Israeli breakfast

Israeli breakfast

One of the most typical breakfasts in all of Israel is the Shakshouka, a dish whose name in Hebrew means “everything mixed” and which represents very well this very appropriate dish for a brunch: poached eggs with tomato sauce accompanied by a cucumber and tomato salad, and plenty of bread for dipping. A sure hit.

12. German breakfast

German breakfast

Although for some time now, German breakfasts are lighter, originally they were a real feast which included practically everything: from coffee, cocoa or tea accompanied with toast with jam, honey and eggs, to pork sausages of all kinds (salami, ham, sausages), assorted fruits and also cheese, without forgetting the typical rolls .

13. Spanish breakfast

Spanish breakfast

To put the clasp on these 13 best breakfasts from other countries to inspire an original Sunday, I thought that more than looking outside, we could take a look at how we eat breakfast in Spain, where we have acquired customs from our neighbors, with pastries and toasts with butter and jam, but we have also preserved two very ours breakfasts: churros with chocolate and the tostadas spread with tomato.

Spanish breakfast 2

And, with all due respect for breakfasts from other countries, which all look spectacular, there’s no better way to get up on a Sunday than with one of those two breakfasts on the table.

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