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The 10 best foods for women that you can not miss in your diet

25 mayo, 2021

Food is one of the most important keys to taking care of our health and beauty. That is why we have brought you this list of the 10 best foods for women, which you can enjoy with delicious recipes that we also share with you.

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10 foods for women


Avocado benefits for your beauty

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Provides plant compounds that protect the heart from various diseases, including vitamin E and folic acid. In addition, it has powerful antioxidants that delay aging.

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It is a food rich in fiber, which helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. It is also ideal for preventing digestive problems such as constipation.

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Whole grains

grain bread with oatmeal

They are rich in fiber and facilitate digestion, avoiding slow transit, intestinal inflammation, gastritis and colitis.

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Red tea jelly with figs

It contains high levels of potassium and calcium, which lower blood pressure. They also provide good bone, dental and blood health, in addition to improving muscle and nerve function.

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Cook egg

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Eggs are rich in proteins that include vitamins D, A, B2 and iron, essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the entire body.

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Feeding during the menstrual cycle

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This fruit is a superfood, rich in vitamin C and a source of insoluble fiber. The apple helps you keep your skin beautiful and healthy, as well as protecting your intestine.

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Types of walnuts

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They are a seed rich in protein, fiber and omega 3 fats, which help reduce cholesterol levels, improve cognitive functioning and are good for the quality of sleep.

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banana for breakfast

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Ideal if you have intense physical activity. Being rich in potassium, it facilitates the creation of muscle and helps to recover the liquids that are lost with sweat.

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Oily fish and salmon contain essential fatty acids such as omega 3, which help you prevent heart disease. They are also a rich source of vitamin D, essential for bone health.

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It is a rich source of protein, calcium, zinc, and vitamins B6 and B12. Helps you maintain healthy digestion and bone health. Another reason to consume it is that it helps your skin look young and healthy.

Recipes with food for women

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