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Test: What coffee drink are you according to your personality?

24 mayo, 2021

We all love its flavor and we allow ourselves to be conquered by its aroma. We definitely can’t live without it! But have you ever wondered what coffee drink fits your personality better?

Today we invite you to discover it with this fun test. Get started and don’t forget to share it with your friends so they can have fun too.

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Test: What is your ideal coffee drink?

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Coffee curiosities that you should know

  • Did you know that the word “coffee” means “Arabic wine” or “grain wine”? It is because its name comes from the Arabic qahhwat al-bun, which over time became qahwah, Then in kahveh, later in koffie and finally caffe in Italian.
  • Turkey has a whole coffee tradition, so much so that the word for “breakfast” is kahvalti, which literally means “before coffee.”
  • In Naples and other parts of Italy they have the custom of the “caffe suspso”; that is, the pending coffee. It is a tradition to leave a paid coffee so that a person who does not have the money to pay for it and can enjoy a cup. This tradition has been in the country for more than a century and in other parts of the world they have adopted this beautiful custom.
  • During the Middle Ages it was believed that coffee was a demonic drink due to the effects it produced. However, it is said that Pope Clement VII or VIII tasted it and discovered its good taste… and I forgive his sins.
  • American coffee is named after the American soldiers of World War II, who diluted espresso in hot water.
  • Today, October 1, International Coffee Day is celebrated, so don’t forget to toast with a good cup of your favorite recipe.

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