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Test: How much do you know about Mexican drinks?

24 mayo, 2021

We have to be proud of our gastronomy, because it includes traditional dishes and also mexican drinks which are famous from north to south and also in other countries.

We want you to know them and try your favorites. To celebrate the national month as it should be!

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Mexican drinks: an ancestral treasure

It does not matter if they are with chocolate, corn or a distillate: we love to toast and spend time with our friends accompanied by a hot drink, or a tequila that puts us in the mood.

Here we leave you the most spoiled traditional Mexican drinks so that you do not forget to enjoy them in the next national month:

  • Tascalate: it is a refreshing drink made with cocoa, corn, achiote, cinnamon and sugar. It is traditional from the State of Chiapas.
  • Popo: typical drink from Veracruz made with a climbing plant called cocolmeca, cacao, rice, yucca husk, chupipe root and sugar.
  • Tanchuca: traditional drink from the states of Tabasco and Yucatán, prepared with corn, anise and chocolate.
  • Pozol: don’t confuse it with pozole! This is a fermented drink made from ground corn that is covered with banana leaves and fermented, and then ground cocoa and cane candy are added.
  • Tejate: if you pass through Oaxaca, don’t forget to have a cold tejate, made of roasted mamey seeds, corn, cocoa, a flower called rosita, and sugar.
  • Champurrado: it is an atole to which chocolate is added and it is prepared with nixtamal dough. It can be found in various parts of Mexico.

Learn much more about these traditional drinks in Easy Kitchen and enjoy the national month in a big way