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Test: how much do you know about beer?

24 mayo, 2021

Who doesn’t fancy a good beer cold to toast and have a good time? This drink is the favorite of many for so many years that it also has many stories and curiosities that surround it. Do you know them?

Find out how expert you are in beer with this quiz about your favorite drink.

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Curiosities about beer

  • According to archaeological data, this drink originated in Mesopotamia, and women were in charge of producing and selling it.
  • The most accepted fact about the name of the origin of beer is that it is named in honor of the goddess Ceres, Roman deity of agriculture, sacred grains and fertility.
  • In ancient Babylon this drink was used as a punishment: if it was of poor quality, the culprit was punished by drowning him in his own barrel.
  • The Vikings believed that in their paradise, called Valhalla, there was a giant goat that supplied them with the barley drink for all eternity.
  • Voluminous foam is a sign of good quality.
  • The Egyptian workers in charge of the construction of the pyramids received part of their pay with beer.
  • The country that consumes it the most is the Czech Republic. However, China is the world’s leading producer.
  • There are actually many types and there are many ways to classify it: it is divided into different types and subtypes: Classic Ale, Belgian and French Ale, Wheat Ale, Pale Lagers, Amber and Dark and Bock String Largers,

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