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Test: find out what type of taco you are according to your tastes

24 mayo, 2021

Al pastor, basket, golden … there are many types of tacos and we love them all, but there is always one more spoiled and unmissable. Here we tell you what type of taco are you according to your tastes and personality.

Are you one of the people who walks down the street and stops at the first taco stand you see, or do you prefer to prepare them calmly at home? These are some of the clues that we can give you to find out what type of taco you are and what you like to accompany it with.

Ready to respond? Ready, set… eat!

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Did you know that every corner of Mexico has a type of taco?

From north to south, in Mexico there is a great variety of tacos: they can vary in the form of preparation, ingredients, size, shape and of course, flavor.

Just to give you a few examples, we share the most popular and spoiled of Mexicans:

  • To the pastor: you find them in many of the corners of Mexico City, and they are impossible not to distinguish, thanks to the top of meat that characterizes them.
  • De cochinita pibil: if you go to Yucatán, be sure to try their delicious tacos accompanied by purple onion. Irresistible!
  • Carnitas: they say that the most delicious are those from Hidalgo and Michoacán. What do you think?
  • Basket: they are originally from Tlaxcala, and you cannot stop trying them if you visit this State. Although, they are so popular that you can also find them in other neighboring states.
  • Arabs: they became very fashionable, as they can also be prepared in a healthy way. Historical data indicate that they were born in Puebla.
  • Drowned: not only cakes, in Jalisco they also like to drown their tacos. They are extremely delicious!

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