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Technique to chop onion in 3 simple and quick steps

25 mayo, 2021

Although knowing how to cut seems like something basic that you can do daily in the kitchen, it has its great secret.

Have a good onion chopping technique It will help you to do it more precisely and at the same time save time.

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Technique for chopping onion in 3 steps

Step 1

Cut the onion in half vertically, ensuring that the area where the layers meet keeps them together. Lay the onion on the board, with the flat side facing the board for a wide contact surface.

Step 2

With the help ofknife, makes vertical cuts along half of the onion, ensuring that all maintain the same distance from each other. In this way we will achieve a much more even cut.

Step 3

Make cuts completely perpendicular to the cuts you made at the beginning to form the cubes.

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