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Tea time: what is your ideal drink to feel good?

24 mayo, 2021

The tea time It is sacred to the English, and is that 5 in the afternoon is the ideal time to relax a bit before continuing with the day and having an aperitif before dinner.

Which tea would you enjoy right now? Take this quiz and find out!

Remember: If you have a recurring health problem, it is important that you consult your doctor to guide you with the best treatment for you.

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Test: what is your ideal drink for tea time?

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Benefits of drinking tea before dinner

Tea time is a tradition, and the English are always on time at 5 in the afternoon to enjoy a cup and a small snack to avoid the cravings before dinner.

And it is that the tea has a satiating effect, which will prevent the desire to eat outside of dinner hours, you will also avoid eating heavy and, therefore, accumulate fats and sugars during the night that can cause weight gain.

Most teas have substances that work as antioxidants that help prevent disease and also delay aging.

After a long day, your cells deserve a boost, and nothing better than antioxidants to keep them healthy!

Another good reason to have tea before dinner is that they are very good relaxants. If you had a heavy and stressful day, the tea will help you to lighten the physical and mental load.

And if you ate something heavy in the afternoon, a good tea will help your digestive system to process food better and prepare it for dinner.

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