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Tartar sauce. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

22 mayo, 2021

I do not know if you are to prepare the sauces at home, but I recommend that you encourage yourself to do so because a homemade sauce is light years away from an industrial sauce and, as with the tartar sauce, it does not cost any work or time. This is one of the easiest and fastest recipes that there can be so take note and try, you will see what difference.

Our tartar sauce part of a mayonnaise that you can make from scratch or, if the salmonella issue gives you a little scared, buy canned food. There are good brands on the market, if you choose well you will notice little difference. The rest of the preparation of the sauce is chopping and mixing and in less than 15 minutes you will have it ready. Perfect for fish, seafood, vegetables, eggs and endless recipes.

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We started preparing the mayonnaise, if we do not have it made or we have a canning jar. We follow the indications of our recipe and tips to make mayonnaise so that it comes out perfect.

Next we chop the capers, the pickles and the onion. We grate the boiled egg or, if we prefer, we chop it too. We incorporate these ingredients to the mayonnaise along with mustard. Finally we add a little chopped chives or parsley.

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With what to accompany the tartar sauce

The tartar sauce It is one of my favorites for its powerful flavor and creaminess. It pairs wonderfully with hot and cold dishes, especially fish, seafood, and vegetables. It can also be used as a salad dressing, with boiled, poached or grilled eggs, etc. The limit is set by you.

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