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Taco day: the 5 most popular tacos in Mexico

25 mayo, 2021

Today Mexico has a very special reason to celebrate in a delicious way, because it is Taco day, the favorite food of all of us who live in this beautiful country of exquisite cuisine. .

Do you want to know which are the favorites of the Mexicans? Here we tell you what they are and a bit of their history.

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The most popular tacos in Mexico

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Curiosities of the Taco Day and much more

  • In 1997, March 31 was declared World Taco Day, and with this, as the most representative dish of Mexico.
  • Emiliano Zapata was such a fan of tacos, that he also shared them with his horse
  • On the contrary, Porfirio Díaz said that the tacos were for the mob (he does not know what he lost).
  • And since pre-Hispanic times they were considered as the food of the lower classes. But times have changed, and we can find them at the corner stall, even in the most exquisite gourmet restaurants.
  • The name of the taco comes from Nahuatl tlahco, which means “in the middle” or “in the middle.”
  • The tortilla maker was invented due to the high demand for tacos. This was created in 1947 by Fausto Celorio.

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