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Stop hair loss with this homemade chili shampoo

25 mayo, 2021

Tired of your hair getting stuck in the brush? East homemade chili shampoo It is an ideal natural remedy to stop hair loss and make it stronger.

Read on and discover how to prepare it easily

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Benefits of chili shampoo for your hair

Capsaicin is the main component of chili (the same that makes food spicy). However, this substance also has properties that are beneficial for the body, including your hair:

  • Combat hair loss: chili stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp, which helps the maintenance and growth of hair by providing oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.
  • Accelerates growth: in addition to helping hair grow, it helps new hair grow stronger.
  • Control diseases: forget about dandruff and seborrhea: its organic compounds, added to its high content of vitamins A and C, rich in antioxidants, have great antibacterial power.
  • Finally, it makes your hair feel smoother and silkier.

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Make your homemade shampoo


  • 100 ml of silicone-free shampoo
  • 1 serrano or green chili


  1. Wash the chili and remove its stem. Cut it into 3 parts and remove the seeds and veins. Later, cut into smaller pieces.
  2. Put the shampoo and chili in chunks in the blender. Mix until the chili is perfectly integrated.
  3. Pour it into an empty shampoo bottle and it’s ready for you to apply.
  4. Use your usual conditioner on a regular basis.

Be careful: if you have a health problem with your hair and / or scalp, remember to see your doctor so that he or she can provide the best treatment for you.

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