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Steak recipes: the 22 easiest, fastest and most delicious

25 mayo, 2021

The 22 easiest beef steak recipes,
fast and delicious.

The steak It is the most popular cut of red meat steak in Mexican cuisine. So much so, that there are many ways to prepare it, and there are also many ingredients with which it can be accompanied. Here we introduce you 22 very easy and quick steak recipes. You dare?

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A little history about the steak

The history of the steak has its origins in the period of the Conquest of America, when the Spaniards traveled in their ships, they brought with them thin slices of meat that they could keep in good condition thanks to the salt.

Later, the Spanish began to bring live calves to American lands. The consumption of red meat was, and continues to be, the basis of their traditional diet, which is why the consumption of red meat became very popular in New Spain and the rest of America.

Jerky, salted and smoked meat, was the first to be consumed. However, the weather conditions and the fresh meat accessible throughout the year allowed the meat to be prepared over low heat without the need for it to dry out, thus giving rise to the steak and steak recipes.

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Where does the name steak come from?

Both the Spanish butchers and the Mexicans used the same language to name the different parts of the meat, such as neck, shoulder, ribs or skirt. However, it was in Mexico that the word “bistec” arose, taken from the Anglicism “beefsteak”, which means “piece of beef”.

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When the Yankee army invaded our country in 1847, they found a very wide gastronomic universe unknown to them, not very tolerant of hot sauces or the traditional mole. So their diet was based, more than anything, on roast beef, which they called out for “beefsteak!” Hence, the name was adopted and adapted to the well-known “steak.”

In other countries there is also a word for the piece of beef, such as the Italian “bistecca”, or the “bifteck” from France.

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Easy, Quick and Delicious Steak Recipes

Soldadera steak

Curiosities about beef

  1. The cost of beef rises in the dry season, due to the lack of grass and therefore little food to feed large livestock.
  2. Tongs are better for eating beef than forks, since when you prick it, it loses its juice and, therefore, its flavor.
  3. The favorite garnishes to accompany a rich steak are mashed potatoes and cream of spinach.
  4. Thicker steaks require less heat, as cooking a thicker steak over high heat will cause the exterior to burn long before the interior is cooked enough.
  5. Experts recommend letting the meat rest before serving it, this will help the meat juices to retract and stay inside the meat and not on the plate.

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Benefits of steak recipes for your health

  • It is rich in magnesium, which helps to synthesize proteins, giving strength to the muscles and improving the process of insulin metabolism.
  • It contains zinc, which has antioxidant properties that contribute to the acceleration of protein synthesis and the growth of muscles.
  • It has vitamin B12, which plays an important role in the production of red blood cells.
  • It is a rich source of potassium, important for the proper functioning of the body and muscle formation.
  • It is high in iron, which helps the creation, development, and maturation of red blood cells.
  • Its vitamin B6 content contributes to the improvement of the immune system and accelerates metabolism.
  • The linoleic acid in beef supports the recovery of body tissues caused by intense physical activity.
  • It contains alanine, a substance that is responsible for producing sugar from protein and obtaining energy.
  • Its cartinine helps metabolize fat and increase the production of branched chain amino acids, ideal for athletes.
  • Sarcosine in beef is an essential element for the proper development of muscles and for them to stay healthy.

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