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Start your vegetarian diet! We give you the best advice

25 mayo, 2021

It is time for you to start your vegetarian diet. To help you, we recommend the guide of the nutritionist Roxana González Lladó, an expert in conscious eating.

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Start your vegetarian diet

By: Roxana González Lladó


Today more than ever we hear different diets that are going to help us lose weight and that are becoming more and more common among our acquaintances, but do we really know what they consist of and what are their benefits?

I also consider that it is extremely important to know that when starting a meal plan it has to be in the hands of a health professional who will guide us to meet our goals in the healthiest way.

Therefore, we must be informed of the different types of diets that exist in order to have a comprehensive well-being and learn to enjoy food.

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Therefore, 5 criteria for a correct diet and that is that it is adequate for our lifestyle, sufficient for our caloric requirements, balanced, complete, varied in which we include different food groups and harmless.

Today I want to talk about 3 of the most popular diets so that we are aware and make more responsible decisions regarding our diet.

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Vegetarian diet

A vegetarian diet is one that includes all kinds of foods that come of vegetable origin (fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, grains, legumes, fats, etc.), therefore, foods of animal origin and their derivatives are excluded depending on the type of vegetarian, the most common are:

  • Strict vegetarian: where foods of animal origin are not consumed, also none of its derivatives.
  • Ovo-vegetarian: eggs and also dairy products are consumed.
  • Fish- vegetarian: fish and shellfish are eaten.
  • Lacto-vegetarian: Dairy is consumed but not eggs.

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This type of diet can be consumed by everyone but it always has to be fully structured so that there is no significant nutritional deficiency combining cereals and legumes to create proteins of high biological value.

In the case of strict vegetarians, vitamin B12 is one of those that should be paid the most attention since it is the only vitamin that cannot be found in a vegetable way and that must be supplemented.

In this type of diet it is also important that the recommendations for protein, fatty acids, vitamin D, calcium and zinc are met.


The advantages? By having a higher consumption of vegetable protein, there is a higher consumption of fiber, antioxidants as well as offering greater protection against coronary heart disease due to the lower content of fat, cholesterol and its high content of folic acid.

Also for those of us who are more environmentalists, this diet is an excellent way to help the planet reduce the environmental impact generated by the production of meat and the exploitation of food of animal origin.

A diet just because of being vegetarian does not mean that it is healthier if it is not carried out properly, since nowadays people prefer to follow a vegetarian eating plan in which they include, fake sausages / cheeses, vegetarian pizzas , etc, instead of constituting a diet rich in grains, legumes, vegetables, etc.

So here you have to take into account the same principles as a regular diet: always watch your portions, choose quality foods, limit sugar and ultra-processed foods.

vegetarian couple

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Recipe ideas for each type of diet

(The recommendations are general since to carry a meal plan it has to be totally personalized because each person is different and needs specific requirements according to their lifestyle):

Menu example → Strict Vegetarian

Breakfast Collation Food Collation Dinner

1 cup almond milk

2 tbsp. natural peanut butter

1 banana



Bread (toast)



Tomato + spinach + alfalfa germ

1 tsp hemp seeds

2 rice cakes spread with peanut / almond butter

topping: strawberries and blueberries

1 cup of bean broth

Mexican tofu tostadas


2 toasts

1 celery + ¼ onion + ½ bell pepper + 1 chipotle chili + garlic and cumin to taste + tomato sauce + 2 tsp olive oil

Heat the olive oil and cook the onion with the pepper and chopped celery, season and sauté for 4 minutes.

Add the tofu and stir well + add garlic and cumin to taste and the chopped chipotle.

Cook for a few minutes and add the tomato sauce, cook until the desired consistency is left.

Serve preparation on 2 toasts with chopped parsley and also 3 slices of avocado,

Drink infused water with cucumber slices

6 baby carrots

5 tablespoons of homemade hummus.


½ cup quinoa

2 cups of spinach

½ cup of grated carrot

¼ cup of beets

½ zucchini

½ cup chickpeas

3 slices of avocado

Dressing: 2 tbsp olive oil + lemon and pepper

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