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Start your day with one of these 12 vegan breakfasts

29 mayo, 2021

Starting the day in a nutritious and delicious way is one of the best sensations that we can give our body. Give your body these delicious options of vegan breakfasts, very complete and ideal to start your day.

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There is a popular phrase that says: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar”, and it couldn’t be more true.

Breakfast is the meal that will provide us with the energy we need for all our daily activities. And, the better we eat breakfast, the better we will feel, physically, mentally and even emotionally.

When sleeping, brain functions also rest, and to be able to reactivate, they need the energy supply provided by breakfast.

Yes we skipped breakfast, these functions do not have “fuel” to work optimally, so we can feel more tired and grumpy during the day.

There are necessary nutrients that every breakfast should include. These are iron, zinc and calcium, among other vitamins and minerals that we can find in various foods.


  1. Take care of what you have in your cupboard, do not leave any temptation
  2. Mark only one day a week in which you will have zero consumption of animal products. Little by little, increase the days, until your daily consumption is zero.
  3. Carry a bag of mixed nuts and other dried fruits with you for when you feel hungry or craving.
  4. Invite someone in your family or a friend to transition with you.
  5. Research the benefits of a vegan diet. “As the days go by, you will notice more energy, vitality, an improvement in your mood and even your skin will look better”, Cristina shares with us.
  6. See a nutritionist to give you a correct eating plan. “It’s not just about giving up meat and dairy, the joke is not to unbalance yourself.”
  7. Prepare your food yourself, “that will allow you to have more control and awareness of what you are consuming.”
  8. To save money, buy ingredients like grains, legumes, and nuts in bulk. You can also choose to seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  9. Include in your daily intake not only different foods, but also the variety of colors that they offer, since each color contains properties that contribute a lot to health.
  10. Experience vegan versions of your favorite dishes. “All the dishes are veganizable,” the chef tells us. For example, if your favorite recipe is tamales, substitute ingredients that are of animal origin, such as lard, for olive oil, and a filling that is a vegetable stew.
  11. If you go to a social event and you cannot bring your own food, eat well before leaving home and do not forget to bring your nuts or fruits. The apples They are perfect for going on a trip because they resist a lot.
  12. Follow these vegan breakfasts that we propose below: they are very complete and delicious.

Recipes for a vegan breakfast

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