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Spinach fritters with parmesan: Argentine recipe to succeed

25 mayo, 2021

We start by chopping the onion in brunoise and the garlic cloves in small pieces, and putting them in the pan to poach over medium heat. One time begin to take color add the fresh spinach leaves, sautéing until the mixture is more or less homogeneous.

We put those sautéed spinach in a bowl and add the milk, beaten eggs, Parmesan cheese and flour, stirring well until obtaining a creamy dough, like a not too thick puree. We put plenty of olive oil to heat in a saucepan and fry in batches.

We add a tablespoon of the mixture to the oil, and observe that first it will go to the bottom and after a minute it will rise to the surface. When it is browning, we turn it over so that it takes on a homogeneous color. At most, we fry the fritters three at a time so that they do not stick to each other.

Bunuelos Spinach Collage Pakus Dap

We are draining the spinach and parmesan fritters leaving them on absorbent kitchen paper as they come out of the frying. Then we transfer them to a deep plate where we place them forming a pyramid and we take them to the table, still very hot.