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Spaghetti with garlic prawns

25 mayo, 2021

We prepare the prawns by removing the heads and peeling the body. With all those “remains“and a little water, we prepare a short broth that we can use to cook the pasta in it, or keep it in the freezer for when we need a fish or seafood broth.

In a clay dish, brown the sliced ​​garlic cloves and the chilli in plenty of extra virgin olive oil. When the garlic begins to brown, add the shrimp bodies, We turn off the fire and cover with a plate so that the prawns are cooked in their own steam over hot oil.

We cook the pasta in the way indicated by the manufacturer, taking into account that it is usual to do so in a liter and a half of water with 10 g of salt and without adding oil. The good thing about spaghetti is that being a very fine pasta it cooks very quickly, practically in the time that the prawns are cooked with the fire off.

Once we have the pasta al dente, we transfer it to the bowl or source in which we are going to serve it. We add our Shrimp Scampi on the spaghetti and stir so that the pasta is well impregnated with the flavored oil -that we like so much when we take the prawns as an aperitif- and we distribute the prawns to present them in a beautiful way. We bring to the table immediately.

Garlic Prawn Spaghetti

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With what to accompany the spaghetti with garlic prawns

As in all pasta dishes, we can add a little grated cheese on top if we like, but in the case of spaghettinis with garlic prawns, I think it is best to enjoy them without any other additives, thus appreciating the seafood flavor and the slight spiciness provided by the oil flavored with garlic and chilli.

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