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Soletilla sponge cakes, easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

22 mayo, 2021

We heat the oven to 200º with heat up and down without air. We separate the yolks from the whites of the three eggs. On the one hand we mount the whites with the pinch of salt until they are firm. In another container, beat the yolks with the sugar until they mount and turn white. We add the sifted flour with the impeller and mix carefully.

Finally and little by little we join the whites mounted with the previous mixture. We can take a tablespoon first and join without fear, to lighten the mixture, and the rest little by little, with enveloping movements from the bottom up. We line two baking sheets with parchment paper and with the help of a pastry bag we form strips of dough about three centimeters wide.

Sprinkle with icing sugar just before putting in the oven and cook for about 13-15 minutes, until the soletillas are lightly browned. Let it cool down and take off very carefully with the help of a spatula. We reserve the air to keep the sponge cakes as tender as possible.

How to make homemade sponge cakes.  Prescription

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With what to accompany the homemade sponge cakes

The recipe for homemade sponge cakes It is very useful since these small delicacies serve us both to accompany mousse or custard-type desserts, as well as to base many others such as puddings or the famous tiramisu, for example. We must keep them in an airtight can tightly closed to prevent them from getting hard.