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Smartüs® is your new smart home!

29 mayo, 2021
If you always dreamed of having a house that would make your life simpler, this is the only thing you need!

Our pace of life is getting faster and faster, and between work, family and routine we must look for ways to optimize our time to be able to do everything that we have pending and still find moments to have fun, relax and do the things that most we like them, right?

So when we see in movies and series the incredible smart homes that do practically everything for you, we can’t help but dream of having one like that! you imagine? The good news is that you can make this dream come true, and the other good news is that you don’t need to be an eccentric millionaire, just an app on your cell phone and your appliances Smartüs® by Taurus.

We explain what it is about:

SMARTÜS® is an ecosystem developed by a Mexican innovation team, in conjunction with real consumers, that allows you to control your home appliances from any mobile device.

Smartüs® is an extension of our life that gives us new ways of interacting with practically everything around us.

How does it work?

Simpler than you think!

For example, if the heat has suffocated you, a couple of movements on your phone and voila, your fan Stardüst® starts up at the pace and speed you like best. You will only have to indicate the moment or temperature so that it turns on by itself.

Do you like to stay in shape?

We know that gaining or losing weight is not necessarily good or bad; with the Nexüs® know yourself inside and discover the ideal way to stay in shape.

Nexüs® helps you obtain your body percentage of fat, water and muscle; also your weight, bone density and the rate of calories your body needs.

And the finishing touch!

Get the ability to prepare more than 100 recipes with the perfect portions in your blender Füse®, controlling what you eat, the amounts and calories. Heaven for those of us who love to cook!


The world in the palm of your hand! Visit the page SMARTÜS® and discover how easy your life can be.

Your experiences, your home, your rules, your style.