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Skillet recipes for a quick and easy meal

25 mayo, 2021

The frying pan is one of our great allies in the kitchen to prepare different types of dishes easily and quickly. This is because it is a practical and simple utensil to handle over fire.

In fact, there are delicious dishes and even desserts that you can prepare with the help of a pan without needing much more. If you do not know them, we invite you to learn how to prepare the recipes in the pan that we share below.

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Skillet food and the technique of sautéing food

caramelized onion

Sautéing is a culinary technique in which ingredients are cooked with very little oil or fat, only to lubricate them and cook them at a high temperature.

It is important that the food is in constant motion, so that we prevent the surface from drying out and that it can be cooked evenly.

To achieve a perfect sauté, the movement that we make with the pan is important, which is a back and forth from front to top, and then back to collect the ingredients that have been raised, so that they are mixed.

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omlette egg pan food delicious omelettes

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The important thing is to learn to master the movement that is carried out with the hand, which must firmly grasp the pan, but ensuring that the movement is flexible so that the ingredients have the necessary mobility within it.

In addition to the back and forth that must be carried out, the pan that is used is of utmost importance to achieve the perfect sauté: the walls should not be straight, but rather inclined curves to facilitate the movement of food.

The goal is for the ingredients to have the freedom to “jump” by shaking the pan without the need to use a spatula or spoon.

This is a very practical and effective technique when cooking, as it helps the ingredients retain their moisture and juiciness, providing them with a golden and crunchy surface.

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