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Sirloin is the most precious cut of beef

25 mayo, 2021

Given its versatility in the kitchen and its tenderness sirloin is the most precious cut of beef, not only by consumers, but by many cooks. The sirloin is a muscle that, due to its location (under the lumbar vertebrae, between the loin and the ribs) works very little, so that this meat is always very tender. In addition, it is a lean meat, with very little fat; and a fat that is easily separated from muscle. That of an adult animal can weigh between two and three kilos and can be used in many ways. Raw, of course: the original carpaccio, or in a whole piece, either naked or wrapped in puff pastry, turned into that delicacy we call Wellington.

What is not always so well known, and the part is taken for the whole, is that the piece consists of three cuts: the head, from which very good fillets come out; the heart, from which perhaps the most prestigious pieces come, such as the chateaubriand (which must be a good two inches thick) or the less imposing tournedos. All of them of excellent quality and exquisite flavor, they lend themselves to infinite combinations to prepare multiple dishes that you can find on our page.

Via | the voice of Galicia