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Seven easy-to-eat fish and fourteen recipes to enjoy them

23 mayo, 2021

Although our country is one of the countries where more fish is eaten in the world, the truth is that fish is an ingredient that some people resist, so we want to recommend you seven easy-to-eat fish and fourteen recipes to enjoy them.

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“Because of its intense sea flavor”, “because they have thorns”, “because it is expensive”, “because I don’t know how to cook it” … These are some of the most frequent excuses made by those who do not usually incorporate this food into their diet. Today we have selected the seven fish that everyone usually likes the most and two easy recipes for each one to enjoy cooking.

How to make baked sea bass

1. Hake

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Hake is the most consumed fish in our country, both fresh and frozen. This product, which can be economical if we buy whole hake and cut them as we show you here, can give us a lot of play to cook on the grill, battered and fried, in the oven or in classic stews such as hake in green sauce.

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In addition to this classic stew, or these thirteen hake recipes to enjoy all year round with this tasty ingredient, I recommend that you try the hake tacos with tomato, a simple recipe that everyone likes and that is ideal to start with this fish, especially for the little ones in the house.

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Other recipes with hake

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2. The corvina


Corvina was once a rare fish in our fishmongers but we find it more and more easily. Its meat is smooth and white and almost without bones, -except for the central rasp-, and its mild flavor make it perfect to make in the oven or to enjoy it in many other preparations.

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Our recommendations to try this fish start with the corvina ceviche, a classic of Mexican, Peruvian and Chilean cuisine that has spread throughout the world, and continue with another very original recipe, the black couscous with grilled sea bass that without a doubt it will surprise you very pleasantly.

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Other recipes with sea bass

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3. Tuna and bonito from the North

Tuna Pakus Dap

Tuna is a fish whose texture is very reminiscent of meat. Bluefin tuna It is highly appreciated and for a reason it is one of the most liked fish in the world. The bonito from the North It is a fish from the same family as tuna, but smaller, which is consumed in the summer season in traditional recipes.

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The ideal way to consume these two products is to cook them little, so that they are juicy and prevent them from drying out.. Our two proposals to enjoy with tuna and bonito are the tuna tataki, a dish originating in Japanese cuisine that everyone will like, and the classic Basque marmitako of bonito.

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Other recipes with tuna and bonito

4. Monkfish

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Monkfish -also known as pixin or toad- is one of the fish that most like, since It has no thorns, it is excellent for making broths and its slices or cheeks are very white and smooth, so it tends to be liked by children and also by the elderly.

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To enjoy monkfish We suggest that you try to fry it in batter, although in stews it is where it is most enjoyed. A good example are the maritime stew of monkfish (above) or monkfish with American sauce, (below) which will undoubtedly captivate you with its powerful flavor.

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Other recipes with monkfish

5. Golden

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It is a very popular white fish, and many of its recipes -baked, salted, etc.- can also be used with sea bass, the next fish that we will talk about later. Our proposals for cooking with gilthead bream are the baked gilthead bream with potatoes, a classic that always comes out great and the gilthead bream a la marseille. Serve with tomatoes, capers, anchovies and olives and you can see below.

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Other recipes with sea bream

6. Sea bass

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The Sea bass or snook is a fish that is usually good to start roasts, since it always looks very good. To try this fish, I recommend that you make the sea bass in the oven on a bed of potatoes, an easy and infallible recipe.

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If you dare, you will surely like the classic preparation of sea bass in salt, which with our recipe and the tricks to make it perfect for you, the result is guaranteed.

Other recipes with sea bass

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Easy and quick baked sea bass, the baked fish recipe that will always look good on you

7. The salmon

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We finish our selection of seven fish with Norwegian salmon, a fish rich in Omega 3 that we have made in a thousand and one ways Direct to the Palate. Baked, grilled, tartare or marinated, we love this fish that is easy to eat and very simple to cook. Some time ago I explained how you should cut a salmon loin to separate the belly and the loin, for its maximum use and today I want to recommend some recipes.

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If you fancy baked salmon, these are our best recipes such as the baked salmon with citrus sauce that you have in the photo above, and if you prefer something more exoticI recommend the salmon with Cajun spices that you have on this paragraph with an intense and spicy flavor that is unforgettable.

Other recipes with salmon

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Other recipes with fish

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In addition to these seven fish, we could have included in the list many other fish that we like as much as these seven, such as the cod, grouper, anchovies or sardines, which we have prepared in many ways over the years at Directo al Paladar. In case you need more ideas, these are some recipes with these ingredients.

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