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Seven delicious and special stuffed chicken recipes

21 mayo, 2021

Baked chicken is one of those classic dishes that never fails, and always ends up coming home for Christmas. It is liked by everyone, it is almost made on its own and it looks luxurious at the table, and it also admits all kinds of garnishes and accompaniments. Preparing the Stuffed Chicken We will really succeed with a plate at the height of the great celebrations.

If we take the trouble to fill the bird, we gain in flavor, juiciness and also in portions, since it spreads much more than an ordinary roast chicken without more. It takes a little more work in the kitchen but with good planningIn the end, it is not complicated. It even wins with rest, so we can get it ready some time in advance and take care of the rest of the menu.

13 sauces for stuffed chicken

Being a white meat and much more humble than other pieces, baked chicken has some tricks to make it look like a movie. We want a juicy meat full of flavor, with golden, caramelized and crunchy skin, and that also looks good. To do this, you always have to start by buying a top quality chicken, in our trusted butcher or poultry shop, and well prepared.

A whole chicken that is completely boneless will be easier to cut and serve

If in addition to being clean we ask that bone them whole, including legs and wings, it will be much easier to cut it into perfect portions. It is also important to know our oven well to get the perfect cooking done, controlling the humidity, temperature and time well. A meat thermometer can always help us keep everything under control. In any case, it is better not to get confused and monitor the oven from time to time.

Grilled chicken

As for the best fillings, we can innovate a bit on the traditional bases, provided we have checked the results before offering it to the guests. The season’s fruit It is always a success (apple, pear, orange, tangerine), also fruits and nuts, which add that rich contrast of textures.

The farces They are another great option, combining different very chopped and well seasoned ingredients. It is our great bet for the classic Christmas stuffed chicken recipe, unbeatable and infallible, but we also have other proposals to suit everyone.

How to make juicy baked chicken breasts

Christmas stuffed chicken: the classic recipe that never fails

Stuffed Chicken

This classic recipe is infallible and perfect for any special occasion, one of those dishes that remain in the memory and earn a place in the family recipe book as a traditional icon. It can be prepared the day before or first thing in the morning, since you gain a lot from rest. As Carmen tells us, it is an off-road platter that also does very well all kinds of side dishes.

Preheat the oven to 200º C. In a deep container we prepare the sham or filling. Mix the minced chicken breast, the minced pork loin, the minced serrano ham, the breadcrumbs, the beaten eggs, the crumbled bouillon, the minced apricots, the sultana raisins, the Pedro Ximénez or cognac, the cinnamon, a pinch of ground black pepper and a teaspoon of salt.

We open the chicken at the bottom and introduce the filling little by little, filling the cavities of the wings and legs carefully so as not to tear the meat or the skin. We sew the opening with needle and thread so that the filling does not come out. Spread the chicken with melted butter on all sides, season it generously and place it on a baking tray lined with lightly greased aluminum foil.

Stuffed Chicken Steps

We roast in the oven for 2 hours covered with a sheet of aluminum foil. After the first hour, we water the chicken with the cava and remove the aluminum foil. During the last oven hour chicken can be over browned, so be careful if you have to cover it again with the paper.

After the baking time, remove the tray and let it temper for at least one hour. before cutting and serving. Better if we leave it two or three, even overnight. Stuffed chicken takes shape with rest and is easier to cut cold. Serve with the juices from the roast, which we thicken by heating over low heat, stirring non-stop, with a teaspoon of cornmeal.

Link to the recipe | Christmas stuffed chicken

Grandma’s Baked Chicken

Grandma's Chicken

Our partner Pakus Share with us her grandmother’s fabulous chicken recipe, with all her little tricks that make it an unforgettable dish. He prepares it in the same clay pot that he inherited from her, and which undoubtedly gives it a unique flavor and texture.

  • Ingredients for 4 people. 1 whole free-range chicken, 1 pippin apple, 1 stock cube, 1 lemon, 2 peeled potatoes, 250 ml chicken broth, 100 ml brandy, fresh or dried thyme, lard or butter, Provencal herbs, salt and pepper.
  • Elaboration. The first thing is to put your hand between the skin and the meat of the chicken, separating one from the other well and then inserting fresh thyme branches or other aromatic, directly on the meat. We introduce the chopped peeled apple into the chicken, a concentrated stock cube and half a lemon, half way up so that the filling does not come out. Rub the skin with a little butter and sprinkle with a handful of aromatic herbs. We put the chicken in the dish with the breast facing down, we divide the potatoes and we water with the broth and the brandy. Bake at 200º C for about 45 minutes. Then we turn the chicken over, water with the sauce and add more herbs. We bake 45 more minutes. Let the chicken roast until the skin is crispy and sprigs of thyme show through the skin.

Link to the recipe | Grandma’s Baked Chicken

Chicken stuffed with apple, onion, walnuts and raisins

Apple stuffed chicken

The apple and nuts They are a very traditional combination of ingredients that enrich both a roast bird and sauces or sweet recipes. Adding onion to the filling provides a more acidic contrast that melts with the other ingredients during baking, leaving the juiciest chicken.

  • Ingredients. 1 clean whole chicken, 1 white onion, 2 apples, 12 shelled walnuts, 20 sultana raisins, 1 lemon, 200 g of applesauce, salt, black pepper, dried thyme and 15 ml of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Elaboration. Mix the olive oil with salt, pepper and a little thyme in a bowl. We cover the chicken with this preparation. We place it in a baking dish previously covered with aluminum foil. We peel the apples, remove the seeds and cut into fine cubes. Finely chop the onion and split the walnuts in two. Mix these ingredients in a bowl with the raisins and apple puree, and season with salt, pepper and thyme. We fill the chicken with this preparation. Bake at 180º C for about 45 minutes. We can add apple or potato wedges to the same oven dish that we can serve as a garnish when serving.

Link to the recipe | Chicken stuffed with apple, onion, walnuts and raisins

Chicken stuffed with meat, plums and bacon

Chicken stuffed with meat

This is a very special filling perfect for big family occasions. The mixture of meats with prunes configures a farce full of flavor, which will give us a luxurious dish if we use a top quality bird. Pakus has used chicken from Bresse, but any free-range would be a good bet.

  • Ingredients. 1 whole boneless free-range chicken, 1 open book-shaped chicken breast, 400 g minced veal, 400 g minced loin head meat, 6 boneless prunes, 150 g bacon in strips, 250 ml of chicken broth, 2 peeled potatoes, 6 shallots cut into pieces, 1 onion into pieces, sprigs of thyme, extra virgin olive oil.
  • Elaboration. Cover the open breast with the mixture of minced beef and pork loin head, so that it is very juicy. On the minced meat, we place the bacon in strips and in between we distribute the plums. We stuff the chicken with it, trying to shape it as if it were a boneless chicken. If necessary, we can add more minced meat. We close the openings with toothpicks and flange the legs so that they do not deform. In a baking dish we distribute the onion and shallots, add the potatoes in thick slices and form a bed on which we place the chicken. Add the broth and varnish the chicken with a tablespoon of oil. We put some sprigs of thyme on top and bake at 200º C for two hours, turning the chicken every half hour so that it is done evenly and sprinkling the skin with the juices.

Link to the recipe | Chicken stuffed with meat, plums and bacon

Chicken drumsticks with bacon stuffed with mushrooms and goat cheese


Are we few at home? Not all party recipes have to be for tables packed with diners. You can enjoy a good Christmas menu as a couple or with three or four people without ending up with a lot of leftover chicken. So cook loose parts of the bird it is a good alternative, also suitable for menus with more dishes in which a whole bird could be too much.

  • Ingredients for 2 people. 4 boneless chicken drumsticks, 1 small chopped spring onion, 150 g of clean mushrooms cut into small pieces, 80 ml of white wine, 3 ml of worcestershire sauce, 30 g of soft goat cheese, 10 strips of bacon or bacon, granulated garlic, thyme, rosemary, ground black pepper, salt and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Elaboration. Preheat the oven to 200º C. Poach the chives in a frying pan with a little olive oil and salt. Add the mushrooms and sauté over high heat. Water with a splash of wine and cook until evaporated. Lower the heat, season and add garlic, thyme and rosemary to taste. Add the worcestershire sauce and cook until reduced, mashing the mushrooms to make them almost like a paste. Let cool slightly and mix with the goat cheese in a bowl. Open and lightly season the thighs; Spread the mushroom mixture without completely reaching the edges. Close each piece into firm rolls and wrap each one in two or three strips of bacon. Brush a bowl with a little oil and place the rolls with the locks down. Bake for about 25-30 minutes, turning occasionally, until very …