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Seven Baked Fish Recipes for Family Gatherings

22 mayo, 2021

Baked fish are always a good alternative when we think of recipes to give to our family, especially when a special occasion approaches. Here you have Seven Baked Fish Recipes for Family Gatherings that will surely come in handy at this time, and also for future celebrations.

We have chosen a recipe for each of the most common fish, such as sea bass, sea bream, salmon, hake, croaker, sole or sea bream. With any of the elaborations you can be sure that you will look great on all kinds of occasions. You just have to pay attention to the point of the fish so that it is perfect, without drying out and without being raw. Follow the recipes in detail and you will have guaranteed success.

Three easy and quick baked recipes, to eat well without messing up

Seven Baked Fish Recipes for Family Gatherings

1. Baked sea bream

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The Baked sea bream is undoubtedly the king of the parties, although other similar fish with great flavor such as snapper, bream or sea bass are replacing it at many tables due to the price at which the sea breams are put, especially when Christmas approaches. Before the price shoots up, we can take advantage of it in recipes like this traditional baked sea bream, it’s classic and never fails.

  • Ingredients: 1 kg of sea bream, 3 potatoes, 1/2 onion, 1 lemon, 15 g of breadcrumbs, 5 g of sweet paprika, 1 clove of garlic, extra virgin olive oil.
  • Elaboration: We prepare the fish by making a few cross cuts until we reach the spine. The usual thing is to give three slightly inclined cuts on only one of its faces. Then, we introduce a half slice of lemon in each of the cuts. While the oven is preheating, we peel some potatoes, cut them into three-millimeter slices and mix them with half an onion cut in julienne. Arrange potatoes and onion in a baking dish and sprinkle with salt. Add water without covering the potatoes and a thread of olive oil. We put the sea breams on the bed of potatoes and bake them at 190º for about 45 minutes. When they take 30 minutes, we prepare a crust of breadcrumbs, paprika and a clove of garlic, crushed in the mortar and spread it on the sea breams. In the last 15 minutes, the fish will finish cooking and the crust will brown, giving our sea bream their characteristic and traditional appearance of a Christmas dish made in the oven. We serve by making the classic warnings about thorns and we are ready to enjoy.

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2. Sea bass in salt

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One of the most classic preparations is fish with salt. We can make the whole seabass as we tell you below or even cook individual loins with this technique, using aluminum foil to prevent the salt from touching the fish as we teach you here. In any case, it will be delicious.

  • Ingredients for 4 servings: 1 large sea bass weighing 1.5 kg, 2 kg of coarse salt and an egg white.
  • Elaboration: To make the fish with salt, we need a large bowl in which we will put the salt. Coarse salt is often a little wet, which is good for us. Whether it is somewhat wet or dry, we will “dress” it with a well beaten egg white, working the mixture to distribute it well. This way, the salt will be very manageable and will stick to the fish without falling apart. On a baking tray, we place a parchment paper or a silpat and spread on it a small layer – half a cm more or less – of salt that will serve as a bed. On it we arrange the sea bass, placing it on its side. Little by little, handful by handful, we cover the fish with the rest of the salt, pressing slightly so that the salt remains in place. You can moisten your hands to make it easier. Don’t be lazy, it’s fun to do it. When buying it, we will have asked the fishmonger not to remove the scales and to clean it without opening it since we want to cook it with salt. Approximate times are: For a piece of kilo, 20 minutes. For a kilo and a half, 28 minutes. For 2 kg, 35 minutes, for 2.5 kg, 40 minutes and for 3 kg 45 minutes. Trick, leave the tail of the sea bass out and check by pulling it. If it comes off, you are good to go.

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3. Hake with lemon garlic

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Although on big occasions it is more traditional to do recipes with whole hake or prepare a good nape of baked hake, today I propose a recipe for baked hake with garlic, ideal for small families or informal gatherings, in which well-cooked hake loins solve our dinner and its garnish, without staining too much and doing it all at once.

  • Ingredients: 1 kg of hake in loins, 600 g of potatoes, 1 red pepper, 1 small onion, 4 cloves of garlic, 20 ml of lemon juice, 80 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 1 cayenne, salt to taste, fresh parsley to taste.
  • Elaboration: We will start by peeling the potatoes and cutting them into fairly thin sticks. We chop the onion into slices and the red pepper into pieces. We preheat the oven to 180 degrees. In a baking dish we add half of the oil, spread the potatoes and peppers and batter them so that they are well impregnated. We bake for 25 minutes. Remove from the oven, place the fish with salt and pepper and continue baking between 15 to 20 minutes depending on the thickness of the hake. Meanwhile in a frying pan we add the rest of the oil, cut the garlic into slices and sauté it with the cayenne, when it begins to brown remove from the heat and carefully add the lemon juice and stir to emulsify the sauce. We add it on top of the fish just out of the oven and serve quickly.

Link | Hake with lemon garlic

4. Sole with a crust of leeks and capers

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As soon as we see the photo, we are already looking forward to trying this original baked fish recipe. Sole -and large roosters and other similar fish- they look great in the oven And they are made in a jiffy so they are a good option for families in which there are not many for lunch or dinner at home, but we are looking for something special.

  • Ingredients: 1 kg of sole, 1 leek, 50 g of capers, 50 ml of liquid cream for cooking.
  • Elaboration: We ask the fishmonger to remove the skin from the sole and place it in a baking dish, salting the fish and adding a small splash of oil on top. Bake at 200º for 10 minutes. During that time we prepare the leek sauce, chopping the leek, frying it with butter for eight to ten minutes and mashing it well with the hand mixer. We booked. We turn the fish over and let it cook another six or seven minutes on the other side. We open the oven, cover the sole with the leek sauce and gratin to brown for two or three minutes. We finish our recipe for baked sole with leek crust by transferring the fish to a platter and adding the capers and decorating with some parsley leaves, before bringing to the table.

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5. Rosemary Orange Glazed Salmon

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Salmon is excellent to prepare in the oven, ensuring that its cooking is short so that it does not dry out. We have done it in the oven by roasting a large piece with a nut crust and in many more ways but today we recommend these ideal glazed salmon loins as they come already in portions or individual servings.

  • Ingredients: 4 fresh salmon fillets, 30 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic, 150 ml of chicken broth 300 ml of orange juice, 300 ml, zest of 1 orange, 2 tablespoons of maple syrup 1 tablespoon of Express cornstarch, fresh rosemary to taste, salt and pepper to taste.
  • Elaboration: We will start by preheating the oven to 180º C with the grill and turbo heat. Bake the salmon fillets on a refractory tray for 12 minutes or until they are toasted on the surface. We booked. In a frying pan, heat the olive oil and fry the minced garlic cloves, as well as the fresh rosemary for half a minute. Add the chicken broth and cook it over low heat until it is reduced by half, then add the orange juice and zest, as well as the maple syrup. Boil for 10 minutes over low heat. Add the express cornstarch, stir and cook for a minute until the sauce thickens. Add the salmon, let it cook for a minute in the sauce and serve quickly.

Link | Rosemary Orange Glazed Salmon

6. Baked sea bass with coriander and pickled onion

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The special touch of pickled onion and coriander, give a flavor full of contrasts to this baked fish recipe with which you will look good with the whole family. With its garnish of baked potatoes, you do not need more than some good appetizers and everything ready to be the best hosts.

  • Ingredients: 1 sea bass approximately 1.5 kg open at the back, abundant pickled onion to taste, fresh coriander to taste (can be substituted for parsley), 2 sliced ​​potatoes, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.
  • Elaboration: We start by peeling and cutting the potatoes into very thin slices, better if you make them using a mandolin. Once clean, we spread them in a baking dish, and cover them by sprinkling them with pickled onion strands, which will give them a special touch. It’s like making baked potatoes, but using this onion instead of the classic raw onion julienne. We also add a little salt, some coriander leaves and a drizzle of olive oil. We put in the oven at 180º so that they are done while we prepare the fish. We will have asked the fishmonger to open the corvina in half, leaving the bone aside. Seeing later when that rasp rises without difficulty, we will know when our fish is ready. When the potatoes take ten minutes, we open the oven and place the fish on top, which we will also decorate with the onion, and the coriander after having it …