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Rustic wheat bread. Quick and easy homemade bread recipe

24 mayo, 2021

To make this ideal bread to start as panarras, we are going to use very common ingredients. This time we are not going to make bread with long cold fermentation or use our sourdough but we will use wheat flour, salt water and yeast, taking care of the times and temperatures that I indicate below. In a large bowl we place the wheat flour and add the salt, mixing to distribute it well. On the other hand, we dissolve the fresh baker’s yeast in the lukewarm water and we are incorporating it to the bowl of flour.

We stir and knead for a few minutes until the dough is less sticky and we transfer it to the previously floured countertop or marble. Knead for 10 minutes, occasionally making folds as if we were folding a napkin to give it a rectangular shape, taking the part from outside the dough and folding it over itself towards the center. When the dough no longer sticks in the hands, we transfer it to a clean bowl and We let it rest for about two hours to ferment and light.

Use a very large bowl because the dough will increase a lot in volume. The time of two hours will depend on the temperature of your house. In winter, leave the bowl near the home heater. I always smear the sides of the bowl with a little olive oil so that the dough does not stick and I can unmold it well. After rising, we turn the dough back onto the floured table and shape it, first the we stretch so that it loses some gas giving it a square shape.

Then we fold it again in three parts so that it has a rectangular shape, like a rustic bar, and we give it two or three cuts or hairs. We let the rustic bar rest for another hour on the baking sheet outside the oven, and cover it. In that time it will return. Finally, we bake it in a preheated oven at 250º, sprinkling it with a water spray twice every 5 minutes. Then we lower the temperature to 220º and leave another 30 minutes until it is well toasted and sounds hollow if it hits the base.

Easy Wheat Rustic Bread Quick Steps

With what to accompany rustic wheat bread

Is Quick and Easy Homemade Rustic Wheat Bread Recipe It is perfect for toast, sandwiches and my favorite for a classic, fried eggs. Encourage yourself to prepare it and you will decide later what use you give it.

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