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Rice with lobster

21 mayo, 2021

As in all recipes for rice soup, having a good broth or stock is the key to making the rice good. It would not make sense to spend the money on a good lobster and then use tetrabrik broth or water with a sopicaldo pill. That is why we are going to make a good fish broth – I made it with turbot rasps – as a base.

To make the sofrito, -which is the second key to this and to all soupy rice dishes-, we chop the tomato, peppers and garlic well and poach them for ten minutes over medium heat. Meanwhile, we open the lobster and put the head with the sauce.

Add the rice, mixing well with the sauce and giving it some time to be pearly and then add the broth, -which will be four times the volume of the rice that we are going to use- letting the whole cook for a few 15 minutes, first 7 minutes over high heat and then 8 more over low heat.

At that moment, We add the lobster claws to which we will have given a few blows with the mortar so that it is easy to eat later and the lobster tail, letting everything cook for 3 more minutes. Then, we cover the casserole and let it rest for 4 or 5 minutes and serve by lightly sprinkling with very chopped parsley.

Rice Soup Lobster Steps