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Rice recipe three delights

25 mayo, 2021

Cut the carrot into small cubes and cook it in a saucepan with water and a little salt. We open the can of peas. We beat the eggs with the salt and a teaspoon of sugar and prepare a French omelette in two batches, using a very hot skillet with half a tablespoon of olive oil. The tortilla should be quite thin, type crepe.

Meanwhile, we put the long basmati or Thai rice to be cooked in another saucepan with salt water. In about ten minutes it will be ready, depending on the variety, at which time we drain it and reserve it. While it cooks, we cut the York ham into small cubes.

Sauté the prawns lightly in a wide pan with the rest of the olive oil, and since we already have all the ingredients ready, we proceed to prepare the rice dish three delights. To do this, add the well-drained rice to the pan, and season with the tablespoons of soy sauce.

Once well sautéed, we add the other ingredients, sautéing so that they all mix in the pan and once ready we transfer it to a source and serve it immediately, very hot with a little soy sauce aside so that whoever wants can add it to their liking.

Three Delights Rice

With what to accompany the Chinese rice three delights

The chinese rice three delights, or Chinese fried rice is an excellent garnish for both oriental dishes and for all kinds of fish or seafood preparations. If you want it for a meat dish garnish, make the same recipe but without using the prawns.