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Rice cooking times

25 mayo, 2021

The rice It is one of the most consumed, versatile and delicious foods that we have in gastronomy, being also the main base of many traditional dishes, among which is our popular paella. One of the most important elements to be successful when preparing a dish with rice is your adequate cooking, and it is here where the times and the amount of liquid that the recipe needs, play a determining role.

There are many occasions, especially when we start cooking, in which we are struck by the question of how long does the rice have to cook? How much water do we need for a certain amount? And how much will we get once cooked? Well, here I show you an indicative table where we can see in a basic way the cooking times of some types of rice and I remind you of my partner’s post Pakus Four rice dishes, four techniques where you compare how to cook each variety of rice.

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Rice cooking times table

rice cooking tables

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