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Refreshing avocado, tomato and basil salad, light, easy and quick recipe

25 mayo, 2021

It’s not going to take anything to prepare the salad so it is worth doing with dedication and care. We start by peeling the tomatoes, and then cut them into pieces or segments that we will put in a bowl.

As for avocados, we leave them for the last moment so that they do not rust and keep their beautiful green color. At that time, we will open them in half and cut them into slices or segments similar in size to those of the tomato, incorporating them into the bowl with the tomatoes.

We only need to add to the salad the two garlic cloves, cut as small as possible and some fresh basil leaves, broken into small pieces, so that they add their perfume to our refreshing summer salad.

To dress, add a pinch of salt, three or four tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and the lemon juice. We stir carefully so as not to break the avocados and we serve with a ladle on the plates of the diners.

Avocado and tomato salad

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With what to accompany the refreshing salad of avocados, tomato and basil

Is Refreshing avocado, tomato and basil salad It is an excellent garnish for baked or grilled meat and fish and is also an excellent dish for a cold dinner. As the ingredients are very juicy, this salad is ideal to rehydrate in spring and summer.