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Recipes with Flour – Direct to the Palate

23 mayo, 2021

Flour News Live to the Palate

A few days ago they made me a comment on the recipe for Roscón de Reyes about the type of flour to be used. Our friend is absolutely right, although many times due to difficulty in finding a strong type of flour it is advisable to increase the amount of yeast or sugars in the dough.

This comment has made me think that many people are unaware that there are different types of wheat flour indicated for each type of preparation in the kitchen. And I hope that with the following lines I can help unravel a great mystery, which in the end is not so bad.

If we want to obtain bread or fermented bakery doughs, such as the Roscón de Reyes, we must obtain a strength flour. These flours are rich in gluten protein, which is the basic fuel for yeast, which will make us get light, fluffy and chewy breads or roscones. There are tricks to achieve this result, but that in another chapter.

There are other types of flours rich in protein (strength) and that are also used to make bread. But they are thicker and very tasty breads. Are the bran flours or wheat germ. The reason that a dense bread is obtained is because the protein is not inside the gluten nucleus, but around it, so the yeast acts in a very different way.

Contrary to this type of bread flour, we have pastry or pastry flour. They are loose or weak flours. They are ideal for baking soft and smooth products, such as sponge cakes. They have a low proportion of gluten protein and are ideal to use chemical yeasts. These flours have also been treated with gaseous chlorine, which makes the starch granule resistant to withstand the fats and sugars that are added to this type of dough. Since we remember that they are the enemy of an organic yeast.

We can also find, generally, two more types of flours in the supermarket. One is the flour with yeast built-in, and another is the instant flour.

The flour with yeast It contains between 5 and 7 grams of yeast for every 100 grams of flour. There are many types, flours for quick bread, for sponge cakes, etc. So the yeast (organic, chemical, etc.) and the type of flour (strength, weak) will be different.

The instant flour you have seen the same in your supermarket. They usually come in a kind of plastic bottle. The flour to one line and you have to add liquid to another, beat it and we have our dough. No low-protein flours that have been cooked to starch gelation and then re-dried. This process benefits after the liquid re-penetrates the starch granules.

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