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Recipes with beef: the 25 most delicious

25 mayo, 2021

The 25 recipes with beef
to delight your family.

Beef is one of the basic foods in the diet of Mexicans, therefore, there are many and varied recipes with beef accompanied by various ingredients. We share the most delicious and original ones for you to enjoy with your family. Take note!

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Beef in the Mexican diet

There are many ways to prepare beef, which makes it one of the most popular and consumed by Mexicans.

According to statistics from the Mexican Meat Council, Mexico is in 6th place in the consumption of beef worldwide, after Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Turkey and South Africa, respectively.

And according to data from the El Economista portal, beef is one of the main products of value in the agricultural sector, investing about 110 million hectares dedicated to livestock production.

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Steak tacos with cheese

You already knew it? Mexico is one of the countries that consumes the most beef in the world.

Most used types of cuts

These are the cuts most used to prepare recipes with beef:

  • Neck: used to make stews and broths.
  • Steak or steak: used for stews, breaded and ground meat.
  • Rib: for the broths.
  • Rump: used to make grilled, baked or broiled meat.
  • Sirloin or mignon: meat used to cook on the grill, in the oven or on the grill.

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  • Loin: juicy and tender meat to make roast-beef.
  • Espaldilla: it is the mass from which the meat and steaks are extracted. It is prepared like ground beef.
  • Skirt: cut that can have little or a lot of fat, depending on whether it is extracted with the bone. This is where the salpicón is prepared.

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Tips to eat meat in a healthy way

  1. Avoid consuming more than 500 g of beef per week, per WHO recommendation.
  2. Try not to expose the meat to fire, since high temperatures can favor the appearance of substances related to cancer.
  3. Organic meat: there are certifications that guarantee that the beef is of better quality and with a healthier process for the environment. So you check your products and the place where you buy them.
  4. Avoid consuming saturated meat as much as possible, since this is the one that contains the most saturated fats that affect the arteries and produce cholesterol.
  5. Always eat beef with a side dish. The most recommended are the vegetable portions. You can also bathe your cuts in lemon to promote their digestion.
  6. Make sure the meat is always well cooked, as raw meat can cause bacterial poisoning.
  7. The meat should ideally be 70 degrees done. When it acquires a grayish color it means that it is ready to be consumed.
  8. Do not keep beef stews for a long time, as it loses its properties and can generate carcinogens.

recipes with beef

Try to consume recipes with beef accompanied by a garnish rich in vegetables.

Curiosities about beef

  • The cost of beef rises in the dry season, due to the lack of grass and therefore little food to feed large livestock.
  • Tongs are better for eating beef than forks, since when you prick it, it loses its juice and, therefore, its flavor.
  • The favorite garnishes to accompany a rich steak are mashed potatoes and cream of spinach.
  • Thicker steaks require less heat, as cooking a thicker steak over high heat will cause the exterior to burn long before the interior is cooked enough.
  • Experts recommend letting the meat rest before serving it, this will help the meat juices to retract and stay inside the meat and not on the plate.

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Recipes with beef

See Recipes:

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