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Recipes of the Mexican Revolution and the gastronomic contributions of the Adelitas

24 mayo, 2021

The Mexican Revolution It is one of the most important celebrations that we have as a country, although, unlike the national holidays celebrated in September, the revolutionary celebration does not imply so much a party, but a commemoration.

However, you should know that the Mexican Revolution was a favorable scenario for gastronomic culture, despite the attacks that a war as such could affect the population.

And it is that within the framework of its duration (from 1910 to 1920) various dishes were created that enriched Mexican gastronomy and that are now internationally recognized.

The great heroines are the Adelitas, simple women who, thanks to their culinary ingenuity, abruptly changed the armed conflict.

Today we will tell you about the great role of the Adelitas during the Revolution and the recipes that emerged during this stage of the history of Mexico.

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Adelitas: protagonists of the Mexican Revolution

Recipes of the Mexican Revolution

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The revolutionary soldiers had long strategic journeys from one place to another to gain ground. Staying somewhere to eat something decent was simply impossible, and also dangerous.

That is why, to eat and perform other basic needs, they had no choice but to stop on the way and take as little time as possible.

Hunger was pressing, but time was also important.

The Adelitas played an important role so that the revolutionaries could feed themselves and put all their ingenuity so that the food was plentiful, tending a very negative panorama: without a kitchen, with few and few ingredients, and with time and fatigue on top.

Among the few ingredients that they carried with them, the most common were seeds and spices, tortillas, beans, dried chilies and the quelites that were found along the way, such as purslane.

However, the lack may have been one of the engines to awaken the creativity of these women, who on their backs carried pots, griddles and stones that served as molcajetes and also metates.

Yes, they were guerrilla women, courageous heroines and also cooks who invented recipes that are now part of our culinary culture.

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Revolutionary recipes

Soldadera steak

We have brought you this delicious soldadera steak, a typical dish of the Mexican Revolution.

What are the characteristics of the gastronomic inventions of the Mexican Revolution? Possibly improvisation when using ingredients that were easily found on the roads:

Quelites, and also insects such as jumiles and chapulines, were prepared in sauce or wrapped in tortillas.

Also frogs and charales were common during this time, which could be prepared marinated.

One of the most famous contributions of the revolutionary period are the burritos.

It is said that a food vendor decided to offer the soldiers a tortilla filled with meat, rice and beans, carrying this dish on board his donkey, for which it was given this name.

Traditional drinks were also part of the culinary inventiveness of the Adelitas: atoles such as corn or plum were among the most popular.

We bet you don’t miss the chance to try a traditional pot coffee, right? It was the Adelitas who began to prepare it with that touch of piloncillo that we love so much.

Do you want to know other revolutionary dishes? We bring you the recipes so that you can prepare them and know their history.

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