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Recipe of rice to the cauldron. Elaborate and delicious cooking recipe

22 mayo, 2021

To make the sofrito, we put three tablespoons of olive oil in the cauldron and toast the ñoras from which we remove the seeds and the tail and as soon as they are browned we remove them. Then we fry the head of the fish in that oil. We withdraw it and always in the same oil Brown 3 sliced ​​garlic cloves and finely chopped tomatoes. That will be the base of our rice.

To make the broth in which we will cook the rice later, we prepare a powerful rock fish or whitebait broth as I taught you here, straining it later. While the tomato is being poached with the garlic and the broth is ready, we crush the ñoras with another garlic clove, working the whole to make a paste. It is time to add a couple of spoons of fish stock to the cauldron and the contents of the mortar, stirring well until obtaining a powerful and intense broth that we reduce for a few minutes. There we cook the fish loins that once ready, we withdraw and we reserve to serve after the rice.

To make the rice to the cauldron, we add inside the rest of the broth that we had that should be approximately twice the volume of the rice, and we mix it with the concentrate that we have inside. Once mixed, we reserve half a cup of that broth to be able to heat the reserved fish for when we are going to serve it. We put the arroz bomba, inside the cauldron, we toast the saffron as I taught you here and we add it too. Cook the rice for 20 minutes until it is ready.

Finally, we prepare the Aioli crushing two cloves of garlic in the mortar and gradually adding the oil until obtaining an emulsion similar to mayonnaise but with the perfect flavor of this sauce that goes so well with rice dishes. We heat the fish in the cup of broth that we had saved and we serve the rice to the cauldron in two turns. First the rice with the aioli and then the fish with its reduced broth sauce.

Cauldron Rice

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With what to accompany the caldero rice

A arroz al caldero is a single dish recipe, one of which leaves you satisfied for the whole afternoon since the ingredients are forceful and the rice always has a great satiating effect. Serve this dish with a salad as a first and with a fruit-based dessert because you won’t need more to be happy with this dish.

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