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Recipe for the classic Daiquiri, the quintessential Cuban cocktail

23 mayo, 2021

It tells the most widespread story about the creation of the Daiquiri that the cocktail was the brainchild of an American engineer, named Jennings Cox, who worked in a mine near Daiquiri beach, next to Santiago de Cuba.

It was the year 1896 when Cox received a visit from some friends and, seeing that he had run out of gin, which is what he used to drink, resorted to a bottle of local rum and he mixed the drink with the juice of the limes of a tree that he had in the garden.

At Floridita they serve the most famous daiquiris in Havana

The combined was a success and it soon became popular with mine workers. He was a companion of Cos, Giacomo Pagliuchi, the one that gave the cocktail its name, in homage to the beach near the mine and, little by little, the cocktail was introduced in the bars of Santiago.

The bartender Emilio González, of Spanish origin, he was the one who transferred him to Havana, specifically to the Plaza Hotel where he became popular. There he met him Constantino Ribalaigua (Constance), the owner of the Floridita. In this club, which is still open today, they serve the most famous daiquiris in the Cuban capital since the writer and legendary drinker Ernest Hemingway He mentioned it in one of his novels – “My Mojito in La Bodeguita, my Daiquiri, in Floridita” -.

In the Floridita they prepare the Daiquiri in an electric mixer, with a few strokes of maraschino, a cherry liqueur of Croatian origin (curiously) that is not easy to find in Spain. This recipe is the original version of the cocktail, made only with white rum, lime juice and sugar.

The ideal is to use white cane sugar, but it is harder to find, so it can be made with conventional white sugar. We made two versions, with white sugar and with panela, and although they were similar in taste, the first has the aspect that we always associate with Daiquiri.


With the help of measuring glass Pour into the shaker a part of freshly squeezed lime juice, the sugar and two parts of white rum (in this order, since the “diluents” are always placed first). Then we add four or five ice cubes – preferably industrial, to avoid bad smells from the fridge. Cover and shake the shaker for 15 seconds, serving the cocktail using the filter of the shaker itself or the strainer in a cocktail glass.

Caipirina collage

With what to accompany the Daiquiri

As always, the best combination of cocktails is good company and good records, and in this sense a good they are cuban is required.

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