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Recipe for rabbit stew with carrots and beans, party at the table

25 mayo, 2021

We start by cooking the rabbit, for which, we fry a garlic laminated in oil and as soon as it browns we remove it. In that flavored oilWe brown the rabbit dams with flour, or chicken if it is your choice, and we reserve them as they are ready. The liver is reserved separately once it is well fried.

In a low saucepan, we put poach an onion cut into fine julienne strips and sliced ​​carrots. Once the onion is transparent, add the beans and the rabbit slices, also adding the wine, which we will let boil so that the alcohol evaporates.

Then we add the meat broth and let it cook first over high heat and after a few minutes over low heat for 20 minutes so that the meat is very tender. In that time, the sauce will thicken a little and take on the different flavors.

In the blender glass, we put the well browned rabbit liver and the liquid cream and we crush it. If necessary we add a ladle of the sauce to our stew. Once crushed, we add that porridge to the casserole, which will gain in texture and flavor, and we leave another five minutes with the heat to minimum to then take it to the table.

rabbit stew step by step

Three delicious spoon dishes to beat the cold

With what to accompany the rabbit stew with carrots and beans

Is recipe for rabbit stew with carrots and beans It is a return to childhood, to the flavors of grandmothers stews and I assure you that you should prepare it as soon as possible for yours. They are essential flavors that should be part of our memory. You can accompany it with fried potatoes cut into squares or white rice, to your liking. It is also an excellent recipe to take to the office in a tupper or to freeze for when it suits us.