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Recipe for meat dumplings, fried or baked?

23 mayo, 2021

In order to prepare the filling for the dumplings, chop the onion very small and put it to poach in a pan with olive oil. Chop the pepper and the carrot, and add them to the pan as soon as the onion begins to become transparent. Ten minutes later, we add the minced meat and fry it with the whole.

As soon as the meat has changed color, we add the fried tomato, and mix well. We correct the salt and add if we want any spice. In this type of dumplings, it comes in handy to add a spicy touch made with chilli peppers, or if you prefer with a few drops of Tabasco, but I leave it in optional. You can also add it to a few dumplings and others leave them soft.

We form the dumplings, placing a small amount of filling and closing the wafer with a simple fold. We close the empanadillas well, tightening the folds well, so that the filling does not come out when frying / roasting them, and divide them into two halves.

Dumplings Meat Steps Redo

Fried or baked?

The ones that are going to go to the ovenWe arrange them on a tray with a baking paper or a silicone one so that they do not stick to us, and we paint them with a beaten egg, so that they are beautiful and shiny. We bake them at 190º for about 10 minutes.

The rest, we fry them in very hot oil, pouring oil over them continuously with the slotted spoon, and thus the classic bubbles of fried dumplings will form. Once they are well drained on absorbent paper, we take them to the table.

With what to accompany minced meat dumplings

Fried or baked dumplings

To accompany this recipe, I recommend a little fried tomato sauce, served separately and a little fresh salad. As you can see in the photo, I have served them with julienned carrot salad. If you have them prepared in advance, you can enjoy your friends with little attention to our minced meat dumplings recipe. If you varnish them and put them in the oven at the start of the game, in 10 minutes you will have them on the table. The fries, you can fry them before, or leave them for the rest time. As for whether you are going to like it, I am sure you will like both versions.

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