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Quinoa, a false cereal, suitable for coeliacs

25 mayo, 2021

Yes, we usually buy and consume it as if it were a cereal and, in reality, the quinoa It is a plant of the Chenopodiaceae family, like spinach, ash and beet.

Among the many virtues that quinoa has, is the fact that does not contain gluten in its composition, which makes it a “must” food for celiac (forced because these people do not have easy the variety of foods they can consume, or their prices …).

Besides the quinoa:

quinoa 2

* is rich in carbohydrates slow absorption.

* contains vegetable proteins of high biological value, with the presence of all the essential amino acids.

* Contains a proportion of fats and these are unsaturated (that is, heart healthy).

* Among the minerals that stand out in their composition are calcium, phosphorus and iron, the latter in large proportion.

* In terms of vitamins, the most prominent are vitamin C, E and several of group B, in addition to folic acid.

*It also contains fiber in a high percentage.

In Quechua quinoa means “mother cereal”, Cereal or false cereal that has been used as a staple food by the Incas for centuries.

Quinoa has countless varieties that, along with millet, rice, wheat and corn, have been around for centuries. removing hunger in the world, actually if it is a sacred grain.

In the Andes they make beer, they call it chicha, fermenting the quinoa. It is generally used cooked in salads, soups, creams, in sweet and savory preparations.

It contains a toxic substance called saponin, which is washed off with cold water before cooking.

Currently it can be obtained in, almost, any trade, always better to do it from ecological agriculture… our health and that of the environment is at stake …

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