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Quick and easy recipe + 17 sweet and savory ideas

21 mayo, 2021

We can use any type of milk, even a vegetable drinkIt is better if it has a more neutral flavor in case we do not want it to influence the taste of the crêpes. In general, soy has given me good results, although if we are intolerant, any lactose-free milk will do. Some people prefer to use only dairy as a liquid, but I prefer the option of combining half with water.

The crêpe dough can be prepared with a wire mixer or in the glass of a mixer used for smoothies. With some ordinary manual rods They also work out well, just like I did for this recipe. I have the habit of preparing the dough in a large jug so that I can pour it directly into the pan later; it is much more practical.

Arrange the eggs in the container that we use and add the milk, the water -optional-, the sugar, the salt, the lemon or vanilla zest -if we use it- and beat well. Add the sifted flour and beat vigorously until smooth. Cover and let it rest for at least 30 minutes – better one hour – in the fridge if it is hot or we let it spend more time.

Grease a good non-stick pan or crepe pan with neutral oil or melted butter. Heat until it reaches a good temperature. Pour a portion of dough in the center (about 60 ml), holding the pan off the heat with the other hand, and rotate quickly to spread over the entire surface. Lower the temperature a little and cook for a minute or two, until the edges are browned and peel off.

Turn with a fine spatula, taking care not to break the dough, and brown for half a minute or one more minute on the other side. Remove to a plate and continue with the rest of the dough until finished. Keep covered with a clean cloth or plastic wrap to keep them warm and not dry out. If we have turned on the oven that day we can take advantage of the residual heat to keep them warm when serving.

Crepes.  Steps