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Quick and Easy Chicken Strogonoff Recipe

24 mayo, 2021

This quick recipe, it is prepared while the garnish rice is cooking, and if you make it with chicken, you will even have time to spare. While we cook the rice, -Here you have the recipe for white rice-, we start preparing the chicken breast fillets by cutting them into strips. In a frying pan with a little oil, lightly fry them.

Once the breasts begin to change color, add 50ml of vodka and let the chicken cook in it until it has completely evaporated. As it does not have a trace of alcohol, the recipe is suitable for the whole family since no taste is perceived either. How we use vodka in this recipe It is to tenderize the meat and make it more tender. Meanwhile, in another pan we prepare the sauce.

To do this, we chop an onion in fine brunoise (very minced) and fry it over low heat until it is transparent. Ideally, do it in butter because it adds more flavor but if you prefer, you can use extra virgin olive oil. While the onion is poaching, we chop the mushrooms into slices and add them to the pan. After sautéing the whole, add the homemade chicken broth and sour cream -or failing that crême fraiche or heavy cream- and let everything cook for two or three minutes.

We add the tomato paste, the mustard and the chicken that we had reserved and let the whole cook for a couple of minutes until it takes on the classic orange color. We serve the chicken strogonoff in the center of the white rice wreath and bring it to the table immediately.


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With what to accompany the Chicken Strogonoff recipe

The chicken strogonoff recipe It is so delicious that the family will ask for it very often. It is also great to reheat so it is very comfortable to take to work in taper or to have it ready to give it a warm-up at dinner or when it better restrains us if there are several meal shifts in your homes. As we have already said, it is best to accompany the Strogonoff with a little white rice.