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Probiotics and prebiotics, the differences

25 mayo, 2021

On some occasions we have heard of food probiotics or prebioticsBut do you know the differences between one and the other? We are going to try to mark those existing differences.

Probiotic foods are those in which there are bacteria that help strengthen our immune system, these bacteria can also survive digestion by reaching the colon alive and helping to restore the intestinal flora that may have been altered by some cause. This type of food is for example energy drinks or yogurts.

On the other hand we have prebiotic foods, these stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon. Unlike live bacteria in probiotics, prebiotics are only lifeless, helpful substances as energy supplements for beneficial bacteria.

These substances are added to some foods to promote the selective development of our intestinal flora. In short, a prebiotic food serves to enhance another probiotic, that is, they are complementary.

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