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Prepare a delicious pumpkin puree step by step

24 mayo, 2021

Most of the breads or pies this season have it, so, if you are going to prepare one, better save the expense of the can of pumpkin puree and prepare it at home with natural ingredients and in a super easy way.

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Pumpkin puree: step by step

Tip: it is not necessary to add sugar, since when baked it caramelizes.

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Pumpkin puree and the goodness of pumpkin butter

  • It is a kind of pumpkin that is shaped like a pear and its size is medium compared to other pumpkins.
  • It measures about 8 or 12 inches, and weighs 1.5 pounds at most.
  • Its skin is thin unlike others, but thick on a par with zucchini. It is also an orange hue, with the flesh being a more intense orange color.
  • It is known by the name of butternut squash.
  • As for its flavor, it is sweet, reminiscent of walnut, and smooth like butter. It is also creamy in texture.
  • In Ensenada, Baja California, is where most of its cultivation occurs.
  • You can find it all year round, although spring and summer are its best seasons.
  • You can put it in a cool, dry place for up to two months. It is not necessary to refrigerate it.

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