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Potatoes to the poor. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

25 mayo, 2021

This tasty garnish is one of the typical dishes of the eastern part of Andalusia. There are many recipes to prepare this dish, but in general, they all have the basic ingredients in common: potatoes, onions, peppers and garlic. We are talking about potatoes to the poor. How are they made and why are they called that?

You will undoubtedly know this recipe, or some of its more or less historical versions, and you will surely enjoy it as one of the best side dishes To accompany some slices of chicken, -with chicken wings they fit wonderfully-, some fried eggs or some slices of lean pork.

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Why are they called potatoes to the poor thing?

Poor potatoes have this name because they are prepared with whatever is in the pantry and sometimes without more ingredients than those mentioned above for the basic recipe. In addition, in this preparation the oil used is recovered, which will be used to make tortillas, fried foods and other preparations. Perhaps for that reason they were called poor potatoes.

The recipe can be accompanied when there is a possibility with some fried eggs or crush them with the potatoes making some broken eggs. If you are lucky and the pantry is full, you can add pieces of ham, chorizo ​​and other sausages forming the Alpujarra lunch and other similar dishes or prepare them to accompany a rabbit with garlic, which is perfect with these potatoes.

The name derives from the post-war years in which when there was nothing in the kitchen or the pantry, potatoes were made alone with onion, garlic and pepper and it was said that to eat, there was poor potatoes, that is to say, that the garnish became the main or only dish with which the whole family was fed.

Poor potato recipe

Poor Potatoes 2

After this introduction, we only need to do the classic preparation of this recipe, without any additional elements. Make no doubt that it is a simple, tasty and excellent recipe. both in its use as a garnish and in its use as a single dish, in time of need.

The potatoes to the poor They are similar in appearance to baked potatoesOnly the latter are cooked in the oven and the former are made in the pan. In both, you are looking for a soft and candied potato rather than a crispy fried potato.

To make this garnish, we peel the potatoes and cut them into slices of about 3 mm thick -similar to bakeries-, cut the peppers into medium-sized pieces and cut the onions into fine julienne strips.

In a frying pan we put abundant oil and we add all the ingredients starting from cold oil. This way we get everything to fry very slowly or rather, to be candied. Do not worry about all that oil that then we will strain it and we can take advantage of it for a thousand and one recipes, fried foods and stews.

Potatoes To The Poor Steps 1

After about fifteen minutes over low heat There will begin to be movement in the pan and we will see the first bubbles, at which time we can season and turn up the heat to lightly brown the potatoes, once we have verified that they are already soft as they have been confit.

With another five or ten minutes over medium heat we will have the potatoes ready. To brown them a little more, remove the frying oil and let them toast for a minute in the pan. Be careful not to break them, as far as possible.

Once the potatoes are done, we will drain them well in a colander to remove all the excess oil. When serving, they are usually sprinkled with chopped parsley and some recommend adding some drops of white wine vinegar.

Poor Potatoes1

With what to accompany the potatoes to the poor

The poor potatoes They are very good as an accompaniment to stews such as rabbit stew, chicken stews or with a few simple fried eggs, which are probably the best company for this garnish that, on its own merit, could be a main dish.

Dishes with which to serve potatoes to the poor

Although poor potatoes can be a main dish, the usual thing is to serve them as a garnish, usually with baked meat or fish. Other highly recommended recipes with which you can accompany them are baked salmon, a classic roast chicken or baked sea bass, among many other possibilities.

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