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Pasta with tuna and tomato

25 mayo, 2021

The first thing to do is put in a pot water to heat with a handful of salt. While it breaks to a boil, we chop the onion to taste, we salt it and we put it to poach over medium heat in a pan with a little oil. We also take the opportunity to crumble the tuna and slice the garlic and olives.

When the water starts to boil, we add the pasta. Afterwards, we remove the onion from the pan and reserve it. Without putting out the fire and in the same oil, brown the garlic a little and then the tuna. Then we add the olives and, after a while, the fried tomato and the onion that we had reserved.

If you want the recipe to have a special touch, use candied or caramelized onion. We lower the heat almost to a minimum and let it heat so that it is very hot until the pasta is cooked. Remember that pasta can’t wait for sauce.

Once we have the pasta al dente, drain it and proceed to plate. If you want, you can mix the pasta and the sauce but I like the presentation of the dish better as they usually do in Italy, with the white pasta on the plate covered with a couple of tablespoons of the sauce and, on top of it, a little Parmesan cheese and a few turns of black pepper. The final touch, some oregano or basil leaves to flavor.

Pasta Tuna Tomato Steps


With what to accompany the recipe for pasta with tuna and tomato

Although at first glance it seems a simple and even vulgar dish, the recipe of pasta with tuna and tomato It offers many nuances once we try it. The sweetness of the onion accompanies the texture very well and the intense flavor of the tuna and the flavor of the olives give a rich contrast to surprise when they appear in a bite. If you serve this dish as a starter, a grilled chicken breast is the ideal complement.

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