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Pamper yourself with iced tea

28 mayo, 2021

Few know that June 10 is the national day of the iced tea, which is why we took on the task of celebrating this refreshing drink.

Today is a good excuse to have one, but before that we will tell you how iced tea became famous; we will also mention some of its benefits.

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The icy history of tea

The story of how it became popular is a curious one. It all started in 1904 at the St. Louis Fair. Richard Blenchynden is said to have offered visitors hot tea, but they rejected it because of the heat it was doing that day.

Richard was desperate, he didn’t know what to do until the idea of ​​icing his tea occurred to him, it was his last hope. Thanks to this little idea, his drink was the sensation of the place. This is how iced tea became popular.

yellow tea

For a delicious iced tea you just have to add a few ice cubes, and that’s it!

What is it for?

This refreshing drink has several benefits:

  1. It is high in potassium and vitamins B, B1 and B2, which help keep our skin healthy and increase our blood circulation.
  2. It helps to keep us alert and more focused, which is why it would be ideal to start our day to day.
  3. Improve our defenses; because it has the property of eliminating all those toxins that our body does not need.
  4. For those who are on a diet, iced tea has no calories (as long as we do not add sugar), it serves to lose those extra pounds.
  5. In the case of athletes, it helps them increase their physical performance.

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Lemon tea: one of the favorites to have ice cream

This tea is one of the most popular and it is also one of the most beneficial. It contains large amounts of vitamin C, which helps us to calm the symptoms of the common cold; It also helps lower bad cholesterol and makes our skin healthier. In addition, it has vitamin A and vitamin B, which help strengthen our immune system.

So go ahead and prepare a lemon tea with blackberries