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Oven roasted Christmas turkey: traditional recipe

22 mayo, 2021

In addition to the ingredients indicated for the turkey, we will need some additional ingredients:

  • For the filling, 300 gr of bacon, 1 apple, 4 slices of stale bread, dried apricots, prunes and a glass of poultry stock.
  • For garnish and decoration, a bag of mixed lettuce sprouts, a large bunch of grapes, and an orange.

We will start by cleaning the turkey well, removing with tweezers the barrels and feathers that the pollero has not been removed, and scorching with a blowtorch or a match, those that are small to “depilate”.

Then we inject with a syringe 50 ml of sweet wine in different points of the breast and legs so that it is very juicy. Once clean and after the injections, we salt it inside and out and spread it with a little lard.

We are preheating the oven to 220º and while, we prepare the filling. To do this, we rehydrate the prunes and dried apricots and cut them into pieces. We chop the fresh bacon into very small pieces and put it with the rest of the ingredients in a bowl, letting the bread soak in the broth.

Once everything is mixed, we add the apples cut into wedges and fill the turkey. The ideal is to sew the opening with kitchen twine so that the filling does not come out during baking. Regarding the oven time, they are calculated 45 minutes per kg of turkey.

In my case I had to have it 3 hours and 20 minutes at 180º. A trick to prevent it from overburning and drying out is that when it has been in the oven for an hour and a half, you can cover the breast with a sheet of aluminum foil as well as the tips of the thighs.