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Our best 47 recipes with carrot (which is now at its best)

22 mayo, 2021

There are some ingredients that we always have in the fridge because they are so versatile that we use them in all kinds of recipes. One of them is the carrot, which is used in many sweet and savory recipes, raw, roasted or cooked, in juices, whole, sliced, grated …

Although today we find carrots throughout the year, in spring, during the months of May and June, It is the time to collect them in the orchards, so that is when we can say that they are in full season.

We have cooked it in so many ways that today we have prepared this compilation of our best 47 carrot recipes so that you have all at hand.

To organize this display of carrot recipes well, we have organized them grouping them into different types of recipe: salads, creams, stews, garnishes and desserts, so that you can better locate them and choose the carrot recipe that you most like at all times.

Salty recipes with carrots

Despite being an ingredient rich in sugars, carrot works great in many savory recipes, providing its flavor, texture and contrast, both with meat, fish and other vegetables.

Salads and cold recipes

Russian salad Traditional Russian salad recipe

Salads with sliced, diced or grated carrot always work well. Also, what would be classics like our recipe for the Russian salad without carrots? We could say the same about the Romanian version of this dish, the salad with chicken instead of tuna, called Biof salad, another delight that you have to make yes or yes, whose complete recipe we leave you below.

Biof Salad

Cook the potatoes with their skin in plenty of salted water and after about 10 minutes of cooking, add the peeled carrots, allowing them to cook for another 12 minutes. Let cool and peel the potatoes. On the other hand we cook the chicken breast and the eggs. We are chopping potatoes and carrots into small squares of half a cm on each side and we place them in a large bowl. Add the chicken breast, also cut into pieces of the same size and stir to mix well. Add the olives, the chopped hard boiled eggs and the green beans cut into small pieces. We take the sweet pickles or pickles that we are going to use and chop them into very small pieces, mixing them with the other ingredients. When we have everything mixed, we add the mayonnaise and we integrate it with the rest of the products, giving enveloping movements to avoid weighing the potatoes down. We put a circular mold and fill it loosely, letting it cool well in the fridge before serving.

Cabbage and carrot coleslaw salad Cabbage and carrot coleslaw salad

An american classic like the coleslaw salad it is always a great side, or a delicious entree. The same happens with these carrot noodles with goat cheese and walnuts, with which we can accompany a dish, serve them as a starter or even as a single dish for a light dinner.

A salad can also become a dessert as it happens with the carrot and orange salad that you always want. This combination of carrot and citrus also works very well in this green kale, carrot and tangerine juice, perfect and healthy to start the day with a lot of energy.

Carrot or carrot creams

carrot cream Basic recipe for cream of carrots

The carrot cream It is a simple and basic dish that we all make from time to time. With this basic recipe for carrot cream, you are going to prepare it very often. It is so tasty and creamy it always comes out right. If you prefer it cold, we recommend the cold carrot and celery cream, with an unforgettable flavor and aroma.

Tomato, carrot and ginger cream Tomato, carrot and ginger cream

As long as it is tomato season, I love to make a very original cream with tomato, carrot and ginger, which is a luxury for women. dinners these days that begin summer and end with a storm. Try it, you will love it.

Caramelized cream of carrots Caramelized cream of carrots

You can also try other carrot creams such as curried carrot cream, smooth carrot cream with prawns and sprouts or the delicious pumpkin and carrot spiced cream, ideal to start the fall, or the caramelized carrot cream that you have on this paragraph, a delight of flavor and contrast of textures.

Stews, roasts and meat stews

In almost all Recipes for stews, roasts and stews of pork or beefIt is common to add onions and carrots with the meat, as we did in these Iberian cheeks with vegetable sauce, always tasty, or in this dish of baked pork loin chops that incorporates the garnish in its preparation.

stewed oxtail Oxtail with chamomile, carrots and mushrooms

With veal, we love stew dishes and meats stewed in tacos such as this beef stew with bourbon, the beef stew in crockpot with red wine, or the classic and always appreciated oxtail stew a la Cordobesa, or the oxtail stewed with carrots, mushrooms and a good dash of Chamomile.

The carrot is also perfect in chicken stews and roasts like this chicken stew with soy, pumpkin and carrots, or chicken marinated in milk with carrots and potatoes or other meats such as rabbit that look great in this stew with carrots and beans.

Other recipes with carrot

original recipe for Bolognese sauce The original recipe for Bolognese sauce

The carrots are very useful for preparing other recipes such as the original recipe for the authentic Bolognese sauce, or in this British fish pie, a fish cake that includes carrots among its ingredients. Another different recipe with carrot is to use it to make gnocchi, as it did Liliana in this original elaboration.

Glazed carrots Glazed carrots and radishes for garnish

For garnishes, carrots also give a lot of play. Good proof of this are these glazed carrots and radishes, the bittersweet garnish for roasts of white meats or the garnish of red rice with vegetables, perfect for meat and fish or in combination with other vegetables roasted in the oven, it is ideal to accompany any dish .

Sweet recipes with carrot

If you liked the salty recipes with carrot, be sure to read our selection of sweet recipes with carrot, which you are also going to like very much.

Carrot cookies

carrot cookies Almond and caramelized carrot cookies

We start with some wonderful almond and caramelized carrot cookies, tasty, juicy and with a beautiful color. With a glass of cold milk, the perfect afternoon snack or snack. Of course, we also find classic carrot cookies perfect, perfect for a dessert.

Carrot cakes, muffins and other cakes

bacon cheese cakes Carrot, cheese and bacon mini cakes

The grated carrot is excellent as an ingredient for cakes, muffins and other sweet variants since By including it in the dough, it provides moisture, natural sugar and flavor. That is why we have used it in many recipes, such as lactose-free carrot cake, gluten-free carrot cakes or carrot cheese and bacon minicakes that you have on this paragraph that combine sweet and salty.

Carrot and pistachio bundt cake Carrot and pistachio bundt cake

Nor can you resist the carrot and pistachio bundcake, a classic in my house snacks, or my partner’s gluten-free carrot cake. Carmen Tia Alia.

almond muffins Carrot and almond muffins

For snackWe love muffins and muffins, like these fun Carrot Almond Muffins. They will also make you really enjoy these carrot, walnut and raisin muffins, or the carrot minidonuts, perfect for breakfast or the Rüeblitorte with carrots and almonds, a sponge cake dense and smooth texture.

carrot cakes Chocolate and carrot biscuits

These chocolate and carrot cakes are also going to win you over. They are appetizing at best like these individual carrot cakes shaped like a chocolate bar with raisins and rum. The same happens with these cakes of oatmeal and carrot flakes, perfect to start the day.

Carrot cakes

carrot cake The ultimate carrot cake recipe

There are many carrot cake recipes, like the traditional carrot cake with moist texture and raisins, but we think this recipe is the definitive carrot cake recipe, not to mention this other carrot and cheese cake. Creamy, juicy and with height, carrot cakes are always very appetizing.

carrot cheesecake Mascarpone cheesecake carrot

Using carrots as the base for a cheesecake is one of the best combinations you can imagine. This mascarpone cheesecake carrot is so delicious, I’ve had it three times this summer. I don’t know what it has to do once you try it … it disappears.

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