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Our best 23 recipes with cucumber to hydrate and refresh in a healthy way

24 mayo, 2021

Cucumber is a vegetable commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine, which, because it is very rich in water, is associated with summer and with salads, gazpachos and other cold preparations. That is why today we have compiled our best 23 recipes with cucumber to hydrate and refresh in a healthy way.

It is the fruit of a creeping type cucurbit, of the melon family and other similar ones, which it is usually eaten raw, having many healthy properties For the treatment of gout, obesity and heart diseases, it is also perfect as a mask for the skin, tired eyes and to relieve pain from wasp stings, among others.

GAZPACHO our favorite RECIPE so that it always comes out delicious

Our best 23 cucumber recipes to hydrate and refresh

Cold creams and soups

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The cream recipes they are very good with cucumber, if it is crushed in combination with another product that gives it a bit of body, so as not to be simply water. A perfect texture is achieved in this cucumber and avocado cream.

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Cucumbers are an essential ingredient in the preparation of the classic Andalusian gazpacho, both among the ingredients of the cream as among the “tropezones” that are usually served above as garnish to make it more refreshing, if possible.

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Gazpacho lovers will also enjoy this zucchini gazpacho that Lola Homar taught us to prepare and that also has the refreshing touch of cucumber among the ingredients, and that is left with a beautiful green color that everyone will like. Equally interesting is this cucumber salmorejo made by substituting tomatoes for cucumbers that Minué taught us a few years ago.

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More specific in the use of cucumber, this original cucumber and basil gazpacho which the creamy texture is provided by the almonds that it has incorporated, and that it would be a kind of cucumber ajoblanco, very appetizing at this time.

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Mixing the classic gazpacho with the addition of fruits, we can make many original recipes in which the cucumber will always be present. Today we have included this light apple gazpacho, a summer starter that will undoubtedly appeal to those who try it.

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The combination of cucumber and yogurt, like the one proposed by Pam UnodeDos in this recipe for cucumber, yogurt and mint cold cream, ideal for hot summer days and perfect for dieting.

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Those same ingredients, yogurt and cucumber, are the fundamentals to prepare a recipe from Eastern Europe, the Tarator, the Bulgarian cold cucumber cream that is completed with walnuts, dill, pepper and peeled walnuts. Do not stop doing it.

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We finish the cold cucumber creams with this recipe that combines, cucumber, avocado and yogurt and is decorated with smoked salmon. It is a recipe that you liked so much that we also made it on video and that I recommend you try this week, knowing that you are going to love it.

Salads with cucumber

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Its few calories, its water content and its refreshing properties make cucumber work very well in salads. Carmen prepared a cleansing salad with tahini dressing in which with only half a cucumber, managed to give a very special touch to its preparation.

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Greek cuisine uses cucumber a lot and a good test is this Greek salad that he prepared Minuet and that at home I have often repeated because I love the contrast of flavors and textures that each bite entails. You have to try it.

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In carpaccio, sliced ​​very thinly, cucumber makes an excellent garnish or starter and Allows you to dress it with olive oil, Parmesan cheese, spices or whatever you like.. In this recipe from Marta, the cucumber and mint carpaccio is delicious.

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Another great salad with cucumber is this Bulgarian salad known as Shopska salad, which I recommend to have for dinner on hot nights. It is made with tomato, cucumber, green pepper, chives, sirene or feta cheese, and a handful of parsley dressing with oil and vinegar to taste.

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We finish with the combination that we are going to use in practically all formats -creams, sauces, salads- when we use cucumber. It is a cucumber and yogurt salad, which is infallible as a starter and garnish.

Asian dishes with cucumber

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Cucumber is a common ingredient in oriental dishes, and especially it is one of the fillings – along with fish cuts – of makirolls, uramakis and other traditional dishes. These tuna and cucumber uramakis have that fresh touch that we love so much about that kitchen. If you want to make these uramakis only with cucumber and sesame, you can try this other recipe.

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With similar ingredients, plus rice and nori seaweed, Pintxo prepared these salmon and cucumber Onigiris, another ideal sushi format to include this ingredient. Even, although the Nigiris are usually made with fish covering the quenelle of riceOur partner made some cucumber nigiri, with chicken and avocado, showing the versatility of this product.

Other recipes with cucumber

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The cucumber is perfect for making refreshing sauces like the one we have used to complete this recipe for a salmon burger with cucumber sauce that I invite you to try. The hint of cucumber sauce and crunchy cucumber is ideal as a contrast.

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Also you the cucumber in the form of sauce will like a lot in this classic Greek tzatziki recipe that he made Manu catman and that it is perfect as dip or sauce to spread vegetable sticks or cruditès, muffins or grisinis that we serve as an aperitif.

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Refreshing waters like this one that we have prepared with cucumber are excellent to hydrate ourselves, and it is good to have a pitcher prepared with some ice cubes to get used to drinking more often.

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Another curious dish to “tune up” using cucumber is the classic stuffed potato omelette, in this case with smoked salmon and cucumber, which is ideal to take to the beach or the pool and enjoy an easy-to-eat dish with a satiating effect.

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We finished the collection of our 23 best recipes with cucumber with an original vanilla cucumber jam that María José taught us to prepare with or without the help of the Thermomix robot and that will undoubtedly surprise everyone.

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