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Our 29 best recipes with squid

22 mayo, 2021

I think squid is liked by practically everyone. I think they are eaten in every house in our country. For that reason today we have searched our archive and we have selected our best 29 recipes with squid so that you can enjoy them with a great variety of possibilities.

Sandwiches, cut into squids, rings, rice dishes or stews, battered or with saucesSquid always come out tasty and are liked by children and adults and are one of our most requested portions in beach bars and restaurants at all times of the year.

Three delicious spoon dishes to beat the cold

Our best 29 recipes with squid

Squids are a very versatile product. This cephalopod works very well both grilled and baked, whole or cut into strips or rings and always comes out well. Here we tell you how to preserve squid so that it lasts for us and how to prepare it for cooking and Today we are going to tell you how to cook and make these 29 unforgettable dishes with them.

Appetizers with squid

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Undoubtedly, it is at the time of the aperitif or the snack when we most often eat squid, as an essential part of the classic Andalusian fish fry. The same happens with the little brothers, the chopitos or sprigs that you will remember from when we gave the keys to make them crunchy and not oily or some original squid croquettes in their ink.

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Another classic way to enjoy squid is to prepare some battered squid in Roman style. and put them in a squid sandwich, a classic in Madrid that is eaten throughout Spain. Other possibilities at aperitif time are grilled squid with spice mayonnaise or classic fried squid with mushroom vinaigrette,

Stews and spoon dishes with squid

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Squids are also splendid in succulent recipes, stews and stews, as well as classic stews with delicious sauces. We started with some chickpeas with squid, a quick recipe that can make everyone happy in just 20 minutes. Another tasty stew is that of black beans with squid, which will surely also appeal to everyone at home like the bean stew with squid.

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Also unforgettable are the squid in its ink with sobrasada, with which you will surprise everyone, just like if you prepare some squid with brandy, or some classic potatoes stewed with squid.

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Finally, the classic squid stews such as the traditional squid recipe in its ink, or squid with sherry wine sauce as well as the squid recipe in American sauce with a light touch of spice that is on this paragraph, or the recipe squid with spicy tomato that you will also love.

Stuffed squid recipes

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The Stuffed squid are a classic that we have prepared in many ways in Directo al Paladar. From the recipe for squid stuffed with mushrooms to the delicious stuffed squid in the Ibizan style, or the stuffed squid roasted in the oven, they all seem delicious to us.

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Also within the stuffed squid, I want to recommend two other recipes that are delicious, such as the squid stuffed with minced meat and pine nuts or the original stuffed squid a la marinara.

Rice with squid or cuttlefish

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In the most fish rices and seafood paellas It is customary to add some squid rings as an ingredient along with the rest of the slices. In this squid rice, this product, squid is the main ingredient. It is also a fundamental part of this recipe for express fideuá, ready in 12 minutes.

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And if instead of dry rice you prefer a rice soup, it is also a magnificent option to use squid to flavor this dish, the squid rice with which you will undoubtedly succeed like my partner Maria José.

Other dishes with squid

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In addition to squid, there are many other recipes that we have made with their relatives: squid, cuttlefish or cuttlefish, cuttlefish or squid, among which we highlight the tasty cuttlefish meatballs that you have on these lines or the cuttlefish in ink with meatballs.

These products are so versatile that we can still teach you some more recipes such as squid with chorizo, squid with lemon, or finally squid with black olives, with which we finish this compilation of the best 29 recipes with squid from Directo al Paladar.

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