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One of these seven complete menus for Christmas will be the one you prepare this Christmas Eve

22 mayo, 2021

At this point in December, who else who less, we are all already thinking about the menu of the Christmas celebrations. Therefore, today we propose seven possible combinations, -depending on the type of banquet you prefer-, so that you are inspired when choosing what you want to prepare. Surely, one of these seven complete menus for Christmas will be the one you prepare this Christmas Eve.

We have designed different menus according to different options: an inexpensive menu, another with more select products, a menu with lamb as the main course, another with roasted meat in the oven, two menus with different fish and finally, a vegetarian menu in case that is your option.

In each menu, we have indicated some starters and appetizers, a main dish and other similar ones, and we have recommended some desserts, seeking – as far as possible at this time – that they are balanced, given the usual excesses. Sure Any of these menus or some combination of dishes of both, will be perfect for your Christmas lunches and dinners.

19 complete menus with all the ideas you need for Christmas

1. Inexpensive menu for a Christmas banquet

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Being a little short on money and not being able to access the most expensive ingredients (or those that have risen the most in price in recent days) does not mean having to give up a good Christmas Eve dinner. Knowing what to choose, you can prepare an excellent menu that leaves everyone with their mouths open.

Starters and appetizers

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Smoked or marinated salmon it does not go up in price especially at these parties and you can also do it yourself at home. If you want to show off, with this ingredient you can prepare a terrine of salmon and dill cheese, which spreads a lot.

You can also prepare a good Christmas consommé, bake some simple homemade appetizers with puff pastry, have some tables of cheeses and sausages of our taste, fry some good homemade croquettes, and, finally, since the most expensive seafood will not be within our reach, choose frozen prawns that we can prepare with this original recipe with oyster sauce.

Main course: Stuffed fin

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The stuffed fin is a traditional dish that is inexpensive and that, following our recipe, is just right, juicy and full of flavor. It is an option that spreads a lot And that filleted in thin slices and napada with any of our special sauces for meat dishes, will make everyone enjoy this Christmas.

We will ask our butcher to open the meat for us as if it were a sheet. On the other hand, we cook the eggs and peel the carrots, but leave them whole. We spread the meat and season it slightly inside, then we distribute the slices of ham all over the meat and the open piquillo peppers.

We place at one end two whole carrots, the cut cooked eggs and little by little roll the meat with its filling. We close with twine thread and reserve. We chop the onion and carrot into slices, we also cut the peeled apple into pieces. In a pot we put the oil to heat, fry the meat roll on all sides until it looks golden, remove.

Next, sauté the onion, the apple in pieces and the carrot for a few minutes together with the whole garlic cloves and a bay leaf. We add the meat roll, add the wine and let it reduce for a few minutes, add water to cover the meat and cook for an hour and a half. The sauce can be served as is or passed through a food mill.

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Other inexpensive options for the main course

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Inexpensive desserts that go a long way

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Seven easy and inexpensive Christmas dinners

2. Elegant menu with select products

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If we do not have a budget problem, Christmas is the best time to enjoy with our dearest relatives, taking the opportunity to eat those delicacies that we cannot always enjoy during the year. Some seafood, foie grass, beef tenderloin or sea bream, go up in price on the days around Christmas Eve, and it is for a fundamental reason: it is when we most want to enjoy the best ingredients.

Starters and appetizers

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The Appetizers are the most attractive and the most desired when starting the menu. A good plate of acorn-fed Iberian ham, some good prawns, a cooked spider crab, a little foie grass pate or a quality jerky are an excellent start to a family banquet.

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As starters, nothing better than a small portion of an exquisite carabineros cream, or an elegant curry vegetable cream or a small plate of soup made with a hot homemade broth, they are ideal to give way to the expected main dish.

Main course: Beef sirloin with red wine sauce

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Sirloin is the most sought-after cut of meat in family celebrations, due to its tenderness, its flavor and because it has hardly any fat, nor do you find hard areas, with nerves or calves. With this roast beef tenderloin with red wine sauce, we will triumph at any family or friend gathering.

  • Ingredients: Beef sirloin, 2 kg, Salt and pepper to taste. To make the sauce, 1 bottle of good red wine, half a liter of meat broth and 5 tablespoons of Sugar
  • Elaboration: To make the sauce, we pour ourselves a glass of wine to taste it and we reduce the rest of the bottle in a saucepan over medium-high heat. We look at the level it has and let it go down to half. Add the meat broth and let it reduce by half again. Meanwhile, we put the clean sirloin in a baking dish and roast it at 175º in the oven with heat up and down for about 45 minutes. We put a baking tray full of water in the lower part of the oven so that there is abundant humidity. It will not be necessary to brown or mark the outside of the meat, which will be sufficiently golden as it passes through the oven, but we will have to turn the piece every 10 or 12 minutes so that it is done evenly on all sides. When the internal part of the meat is at 55-60º measured with a thermometer or probe, the meat will be ready, juicy but well cooked. We let it rest for about 10 minutes and we fillet it in slices of approximately one centimeter. The juices that have remained in the oven and those that are released when filleting the meat are added to the reduced red wine sauce, adding the sugar and raising the heat to the maximum so that it reduces and thickens a little more. 4 or 5 minutes will be enough. We serve the sirloin by calculating two fillets per person and sauce with a tablespoon of the wine sauce on top.

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Other elegant and tasty options for the main course

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Desserts to end the menu

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3. Traditional menu with roast lamb

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Many families choose a roast lamb dish, -or suckling pig or goat- as a main dish for your menu. Also, in the Castilla area it is common to prepare a crunchy and tasty suckling pig as a main course. If this is your option, these are the dishes that we recommend for your traditional menu with roast lamb.

Starters and appetizers

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If your option is this type of traditional menuWe recommend starting with seafood since the main dish is meat. Thus, you can start with a classic prawn cocktail, or prepare delicious cooked prawns accompanied by homemade pink sauce, as well as a good selection of your favorite appetizers.

Continuing along the same lines, a prawn cream or a crab cream are perfect starters to get toned, before moving on to the roast lamb dish. If you prefer, a shrimp bisque, thick and very hot, is also perfect for that task.

Main course: Shoulder and leg of lamb or kid roasted

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Lamb and kid are highly prized meats after they have been baked in the oven. Especially if you use the smallest copies known as suckling pigs, goats or goats, you will find a clean and tender meat that will delight diners.

  • Ingredients: 1 shoulder and 1 leg of kid or lamb, lard to spread the meat, 5 potatoes, 1 onion, fresh thyme a few sprigs
  • Elaboration: Whether we buy a kid or a lamb – they usually sell them by half or whole – we can make a barbarous use. On the one hand, we can use the shoulders and legs to make today’s recipe. On the other hand, the cutlets can be grilled with yogurt and mint sauce. Finally, the skirt area and the rest, we can use to make stews or potato and mushroom stews like this one. We start by smearing the two pieces, shoulder and leg with a little lard, after seasoning them lightly with salt. In a baking tray we place the potatoes cut into thick slices and the onion cut in julienne. We stir and mix them well and use them as a bed on which our pieces of meat will rest. Add a splash of Sherry vinegar and a few thyme leaves. Finally, a glass of water and in the oven that we will have preheated to 200ºC. Once the kid is inside, we lower the temperature to 170ºC and let it roast for two hours, turning the pieces every 30 minutes. If we see that our roast runs out of liquid, we add a glass of water or broth. If we see that there is a lot of liquid, we remove it so that it never comes into contact with the meat. So the potatoes are very juicy and we will have enough sauce to serve with the roast. The meat, not being in contact with the liquid, will be well roasted and not cooked.

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Other similar options for the main course

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Light desserts to finish the feast

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After such a tasty menu, desserts should be light to help us have a good after-dinner. These are our lightest recommendations to finish off this traditional Christmas menu.

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4. Menu with main course of roasted meat

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Our latest menu proposal with a main dish of baked meat, will make up for that choice with veggies instead of with seafood as we did in the previous menu. For this reason, starters and appetizers will be based on these types of ingredients.

Starters and appetizers

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To start, We propose some appetizing appetizers such as artichokes in tempura, arugula toasts, …